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The Truth of 2NE1 Park Bom's Drug Scandal

2NE1's Park Bom has been mixed up in a drug scandal. Many of you should be surprised a lot at the news. Let's talk about the truth of Park Bom's drug scandal.

Q. Did Park Bom violate Korean narcotics law?
A. Yes. In 2010, she received 82 pills of amphetamines by air mail. It was discovered by the customs officer. Amphetamine is a prohibited drug in Korea because it is regarded as having hallucinogenic effects.

Q. Why did she take amphetamines?
A. When she was a high school student, she saw her friend's death. After that, she had difficulties in controlling her feelings. She had to receive counseling from a doctor of psychology and began to take amphetamine. It's legal to take amphetamine in the United States.

Q. Why didn't the prosecution punish Park Bom for taking amphetamines?
A. She submitted medical certificate and explained about her chronic disease. She didn't know that amphetamines are prohibited in Korea.

Q. The prosecution said she is innocent. Then, what's the problem?
A. It is suspected that YG and the prosecution(or the Department of Justice) are having close relationship. Irrespective of the truth behind the suspicions, the prosecution even didn't prosecute Park Bom. It's unusual. And she is an honorary ambassador for the Department of Justice, while the prosecutor who was in charge of Park Bom's case is now avoiding medias. It is possible for big Kpop agencies to buy off public service workers.

Q. It has been 4 years since the incident occurred. Why people have not mentioned this until now?
A. There are many political issues in Korean now. It is suspected that the government intentionally released the information to turn people's attention the other way.

Q. Have there been rumors about Park Bom's taking drugs?
A. Yes. It is true that there have been many rumors about her. And there also have been rumors that YG's other artists do drugs with her, while Big Bang's G-Dragon had to admit his smoking marijuana to protect other artists. However, rumors are just rumors. There is nobody who can say all of these rumors are true.

Q. So, what would be the future of Park Bom?
A. I contend that prosecutors and police have to investigate this accident thoroughly. I'm not saying Park Bom is guilty. Drug scandal is totally different from dating scandal. Suspicions have to be resolved. However, it is very likely that the prosecution will do nothing. If there is a fan of Park Bom, don't worry. She will be alright and nothing's going to happen.

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