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T-ara's Jiyeon Says She is the Prettiest Among Kpop Female Idols

T-ara's Jiyeon said she is the prettiest among Kpop female idols.

Jiyeon recently appeared in KBS' 'Happy Together' with other beauties who represents their fields such as Lady Jane(indie singer), Park Kiryang(cheer leader) and Kim Nahee(comedian).

MC Yoo Jaesuk introduced Jiyeon as a female idol who was selected for the prettiest idol by the other idol stars, but comedian Kim Shinyoung denied this, saying "It's wrong. Miss A's Suzy is number one and Girls' Generation's Yoona is second. Jiyeon is third."

To this, Jiyeon cried out, "I took the top spot."

And added, "It was a survey by a cable TV, and I took first place. Suzy was second and Yoona was third."

So, do you agree with her? :) Here are the photos of Suzy and Yoona.


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