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Is Fiestar's New Song 'One More' Suggestive of Threesome?

Kpop girl group Fiestar's new song 'One More' came under controversy.

Recently, the song was prohibited on the airwaves due to its sensationalism. The official from SBS said "The lyrics are misleading and we agreed that it can have a bad influence on children and teens," while the official from MBC also stated, "The lyrics describe sexually perverted acts."

OK, let's see the lyrics in question first.

"Besides you and me, let's invite one more into our room. Someone who is more experienced than us. Now is the time. One, two, three."

So, what do you think the lyrics are about? It seems that the song is suggestive of threesome. Do you agree?

In the music video, the camera repeatedly emphasizes female's hot body, and at the end of the video, two males are lying on a bed with the Fiestar member.

The agency of the girl group explained, "The song is not about threesome. The song is about a woman who has dissatisfaction over repetitive dating course. We compared it to a video game, and a theme of the song is a desire for a change."

The agency finally decided to modify the lyrics, and the broadcasting companies will take the matter into reconsideration.

Well, this incident is the typical case of Kpop girl group's noise marketing. Even before releasing its song, Fiestar has attracted a lot of attention by revealing the members' sexy teaser images. And even though its song was prohibited on the airwaves, the girl group succeeded in receiving attention from the public. The agency probably already knew that the lyrics and sexy concept of the song would be embroiled in controversy.

Noise marketing is one of the effective ways of letting people know about idol groups. However, I can't say that it is the best way because idol groups who use noise marketing have to struggle against some negative perceptions toward themselves. In the case of Fiestar, some people are pointing the finger at the group as a third-rate girl group.

Meanwhile, Fiestar debuted in 2009 with its single album 'VISTA'.


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