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The Reason Why Maroon 5 is So Popular in Korea

Maroon 5's new song 'Maps' topped a variety of Korean online music charts. Well, it is world-famous band and you may say it's natural that the group takes over the first place of Korean music chart, but that is not so. World-renowned singers such as Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey even couldn't top Korean online music charts.

Koreans do not use English in practical life, and there are few Korean people who enjoy listening to English songs. So, it is really exceptional for foreign singers to rank high on Korean music charts. Then, what do you think is the reason for Maroon 5's great popularity in Korea?

On June 9, Psy released his new song 'Hangover' featured by Snoop Dogg, while the song entered the top 100 of the main Billboard chart by being ranked No.26.

Well, Psy appeared on the chart for the first time 2 years ago with his mega hit song 'Gangnam Style'. At that time, he received the national attention because it looked that he was able to become the first Korean to top the chart. However, Maroon 5's 'One more night' has topped the chart for 9 consecutive weeks, while 'Gangnam Style' has settled for second place for 7 consecutive weeks.

Through this process, Korean people who were not interested in foreign music at all became to know about Maroon 5. So, Maroon 5 could become familiar to Korean people through its rivalry with Psy, and it is affecting the band's popularity in Korea.

It is expected Psy and Maroon 5 will be in rivalry once more because Psy's new song 'Daddy' will be released in August, while Maroon 5 will release its new album 'V' in September.

Maroon 5 has relatively firm fan base in Korea. One reason for this is that the band's songs have been used for Korean commercial films several times.

The band's hit 'Moves Like Jagger' was used for Samsung Galaxy Note's commercial film, while 'Sunday Morning' was used for Chevrolet(Automobile brand)'s commercial film.

Add to this, in Korea, Maroon 5 is considered as a foreign band who is friendly to the country. The band had a performance in Korea in 2008, 2001, and 2012, while Adam Levine tweeted after the band's performance in 2012, "KOREA!!!!!!! Amazing shows thank you all so much for an incredible little run!"

Oh, of course, he was kicked out of Korean gym because of his tattoos in 2012. But it was cultural difference, not an expression of hostility towards him.

Maroon 5 will visit Korea once more in August to take part in music festival 'Citybreak 2014' to be held from August 9-10.


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!