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Kpop Album Review: Gummy Gets Closer to Fans

Kpop female singer Gummy made a comeback by releasing her brand new mini album 'I loved, have no regrets'. It has been about 4 years since the singer released her first mini album 'Loveless' in 2010.

In Korea, Gummy is usually regarded as a competitive singer who has a powerful voice and outstanding singing ability. By the way, it's sad to see some fans having a bias against this kind of singer.

With the album release a day ahead, Gummy spoke thus. "I wish that people would not think my music is difficult. No matter what kind of music I do, people say it's difficult."

Actually, Gummy's music is not more difficult than other Kpop singers' songs at all. It does not have some kind of difficult chord progression. Even so, not a few people say that her music is difficult, and I think it is because of her characteristic voice tone and singing style. Her voice is dramatic, and she usually shows brilliant high note ad lib. These features may make people feel a bit scared. Check out Gummy's former hit 'Childish Adult'.

The reason why I'm talking about people's prejudice against Gummy is that such a thought on competent singers is having influence on limiting Kpop's development possibility. What people want Kpop singers to do is only idol music that has catchy melody and showy dance performance, while different genres of music went out into the cold.

Anyway, in that sense, I could feel that Gummy really tried to get closer to people through her new mini album. She is well known as a R&B soul singer, but this time, she sings ballad music calmly.

The title track is 'I loved, have no regrets'. Famous composer Kim Dohoon composed the song, while Wheesung wrote the lyrics. It is the song about the sorrow of parting, but Gummy moderate her emotions. Instead, at a climactic part of the song, she makes emotion explosion, showing off her outstanding singing skill.

First track's 'Let's play' is quite impressive too. The song has cheerful reggae rhythm, while JYJ's Park Yoo Chun, a label mate of Gummy, was featured as a singer in it. 'Let's play' is about a girlfriend who tells her boyfriend to go vacationing together. I feel something lacking because Yoo Chun's part is too small.

The album also includes a song that Gummy wrote herself. It's 'Loving you back'. About the song, Gummy spoke thus. "I'm often asked to sing at a wedding. However, most of my songs are about parting. I wanted to sing my own song at a wedding." 'Loving you back' has beautiful melody and Gummy sings it with her emotional voice.

Talented young rapper Loco was featured as a rapper in 'Lying'. The song is written by Kpop female singer-song writer Hwayobi. You may know about the song 'Some' sung by Sistar's Soyou and singer JungGigo. 'Some' is about man and woman who are about to become lovers after being friends. Through 'Lying', Gummy sings about that kind of story in a lyrical way.

Meanwhile, Gummy will hold her exclusive concert at the COEX in Samsung-dong, Seoul on July 19.


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