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Are Jessica and Krystal Really Close?

The first episode for OnStyle's new reality program 'Jessica & Krystal' was aired on June 3. The program includes everyday life of Girls' Generation(SNSD)'s Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal. The full sister, who are called 'Jung Sisters' because their real names are Jung Soo Yeon and Jung Soo Jung, are receiving great attention from people by appearing in the program together.

First of all, I wondered why the two decided to appear in the reality program because Jessica and Krystal are the two of Kpop idol stars who are reluctant to disclose their private lives.

I could hear the reason why they decided to appear in the program from a producer Kwon Min Soo, who is currently in charge of the program.

He said "Lee Hyori, Clara and Jung Jun Young have appeared in OnStyle's real star series, and in the process of searching for new cast, I could hear about Jessica and Krystal, the Korean Olsen sisters(Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen). I was sure that chemical action to be caused by Jessica and Krystal will have a great ripple effect. And I also heard that the two are now preparing for their special album. I pushfully persuaded them to appear in the program."

As it looked that Jessica and Krystal have usually very adept at keeping their private lives out of the media, there have been not a few rumors about them. One of the rumors is that the two are on bad terms even though they are full sisters and both of them are SM entertainment's artists. And other rumor is that both of them have hard hearts and do not even care about other people.

Jessica said "Unlike other idols who are very cheerful, we are unusual for expressing ourselves actively. I have a complex about it," while Krystal stated, "Actually, I do not want to dilate on that."

Well, producer Kwon Min Soo told me about Jug Sisters' real personality.

"At first, just like other people thinks, I thought that Jessica and Krystal have hard hearts. But, in real life, they are just like other girls of about the same age as themselves. And they are very close to each other. Jessica takes care of Krystal, while Krystal follows her well. I think it is because of their long years of living abroad."

In the program, Jessica and Krystal screamed with laughter just like other girls of about the same age as themselves. Krystal challenged for her first drive, while Jessica burst into tears when Krystal gave a surprise party for her birthday. They were just ordinary sisters Jung Soo Yeon and Jung Soo Jung, not Girls' Generation's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal.

I'm sure that the program will serve as important momentum for Jessica and Krystal to become intimate with the public.

The production crew of 'Jessica & Krystal' stated, "We will not try to show something special through the reality program. We are filming the program with more than 30 cameras that are set up everywhere in the house, and will show the sisters' everyday life without art."


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!