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SNSD Jessica & f(x) Krystal Talk About Each Other

The Jung sisters, Girl's Generation(SNSD)'s Jessica and f(x)'s Krytal, recently took part in a photo shoot together for Nylon magazine.

The two attractive girls have worked together with the famous American photographer and director of Nylon magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett, and caught eyes of people by showing off their extraordinary beauty.

Along with the photo shoot, Jessica and Krystal were interviewed by the magazine.

Q. The broadcast of OnStyle's 'Cover Girl' has been postponed.(The program is the two girls' reality show) Isn't that depressing?
Jessica: I think it can't be helped. I'm looking forward to the premier of the program.
Krystal: It didn't feel like work to film the program because it is about my everyday life with Jessica. So, time flies when I film the program. I hope the program will be aired as soon as possible.

Q. You two seldom appear in reality show. How did you decide to say yes to 'Cover Girl'?
Jessica: I didn't mean to appear in reality show. Instead, I thought that people might feel sense of distance from us. I wanted to close the distance.
Krystal: It is interesting to show our usual selves. I don't need to doll myself up or prepare for something in the program.

Q. Isn't it uncomfortable to share details of your lives?
Jessica: Frankly speaking, dolling myself up is more uncomfortable.
Krystal: It's just not us to adorn ourselves, haha. People think that we are dollish, but eating street food is something we really like to do.

Q. Through the program, what do you want to tell the viewers?
Jessica: When we were active as members of Girls' Generation and f(x)', we paid attention to team work. However, in the program, we don't need to be mindful of it because we can show our harmony naturally. We are special sisters.
Krystal: Someone told us that we have similar voices. At a certain vocal range, we sound almost identical. Isn't it amazing even though we are sisters? You will be able to see our harmony.

Q. When did you first think that your sister will be a singer?
Krystal: Jessica became a trainee before me. So, I took singing and dancing well for granted.
Jessica: Before becoming a trainee, she learned ballet and jazz dance. She has participated in some contests, and I though that she will be getting better.

Q. When do you rely on each other?
Jessica: Since debut, we have relied on each other. Even if I have my friends who have ordinary jobs, they can not understand me. They can give sympathy to us, but it is hard to understand deeply about our lives.
Krystal: That's right. I was comforted by friends in hard times, but they couldn't understand my situation.
Jessica: So I talked with the Girls' Generation members, "There's no one but us. No one would understand our situation." Well, it's also great to have a secret talk with Krystal.
Krystal: One day, I've cried so hard when I talked about what I had in mind in front of Jessica. It felt like she is the one who can truly understand me.

Q. Have you ever hated each other?
Krystal: Long long time ago. Children usually fight with each other just because of food.
Jessica: I remember what happened then. We fought with each other because of a fish cake in udon noodles. At that time, Krystal thought that mine and mother's are all hers.
Krystal: When I was young, I got cash gifts from adults after bowing to them and gave it to Jessica. I didn't know value of money at all. These days, she often buys delicious foods for me, and I think she is paying the money back, haha.

Q. What do you want to learn from each other?
Jessica: Krystal is a good cook. She prepares a dish and shares food to other people. Cooking is a trouble to me.
Krystal: I think Jessica is a good hand at cooking too.
Jessica: I just make basic food because I'm a woman. It's not cooking.
Krystal: Jessica has a keen sense of figuring out people. She has many friends and has personal connections. I want to meet with various people.

Q. Were you reserved when you were young?
Krystal: Yes, I even hoped that nobody knows who I am.
Jessica: I wanted to have transparent cloak.

Q. When was your finest hour since your debut?
Jessica: After being an entertainer, I became quite another person. But I wasn't displeased at it. Before debuting, I hated to be pretentious, but now I know that pretense is needed to a certain extent.

Q. What kind of advice do you give to each other?
Jessica: I tell her to smile a little because people might think she is angry when she is expressionless.
Krystal: That's why I smile only with my mouth in photos, not with my eyes, haha.

Q. What if your roles are changed?
Krystal: No way. It was really beneficial for me to live as a younger sister of Jessica. At school, people were quite nice to me because I'm her younger sister. I think I've been living in comfort by Jessica's favor. So, I don't want to change the role.
Jessica: I think that's why she is obedient to me. When my parents took sides with her, saying "Our baby," I envied her.
Krystal: Well, mom calls Jessica "Baby" too, so the game tied.

Q. Do you have any special nicknames?
Krystal: We don't have special nicknames, but there was an episode about name. I once asked Girls' Generation's Yoona, "Where is Jessica?" and she teased me because I didn't put the word "Unnie" after Jessica's name.(In Korea, we put 'Unnie' after older sister's name.)
Jessica: She just calls me "Jessica" in America.
Krystal: So, I just call her "Jess."

Q. What's on your mind these days?
Jessica: It looks like I did the right thing by having this job. I didn't ever worry about retiring. I will be able to sing as long as I have a good mind to do this job.

Q. What do you hope for?
Jessica: I want to do various attempts. Getting out of one concept, I can begin a new experiment.
Krystal: I feel the same way. Jessica is a good speaker and there's nothing to add, haha.


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