Rainbow's Kim Jae Kyung Opens her Knowhow of Self-Makeup

Rainbow's Kim Jae Kyung opened her knowhow of self-makeup.

As a MC of OnStyle's 'Get it beauty', she appeared in the video titled 'Get it beauty self' on May 6 and explained the way how she makes her skin look better.

Kim Jae Kyung has shown a special interest in beauty, while she usually carries 7 different cosmetic pouches and has more than 300 cosmetic products at home.

In the video, Kim Jae Kyung gave a detailed explanation about self-makeup, which outshines that of a professional.
Kim Jae Kyung said "Skin appearance is important before everything. As the ultraviolet rays become stronger in May, you need to put on BB creams to filter UVA effectively and make your skin shine at the same time. And then, wear baby pink color lipstick to complete lovely look."

Check out Jae Kyung's self-makeup video below.

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