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Kpop Album Review: IU Sings Kpop Legends

IU made a comeback with her new mini album. Through the album, IU reinterpreted the past hit songs with her own characterful vocal tone. IU personally selected all the songs to reinterpret. Let's take a look at 7 tracks of IU's new album 'Flower Mark'. All of the songs have beautiful lyrics, and it is too bad that I can't transmit the songs' real emotions soundly to foreign Kpop fans.

Track 1: My Old Story
'My Old Story' was originally sung by Cho Deok Bae in 1985. It is a sentimental song about first love in old times. When he released the song, Cho Deok Bae was 26 years old and the song's lyrics are about his first love in his middle-school years. Just like the other original singers of IU's 7 songs in her new album, Cho Deok Bae has been recognized as one of legendary Kpop singers who have their distinctive voices.

It is really surprising that IU, who is just 21 years old, expresses all the feelings of the song quite freely. She reinterpreted the song with her own musical style, adding her sensibility as a pure girl to the song.

Track 2: Flower
The song was originally sung by Kim Kwang Seok in 1991. The legendary folk singer is well known for his appealing vocals and introspective lyrics, while his songs were broadly loved by young generations in 1990s. 'Flower' also has introspective lyrics and poetic expressions.

Kim Kwang Seok is the senior musician who IU admires the most, and she interprets the song just like Kim Kwang Seok did. It seems that IU is challenging herself through the song and is telling Kim Kwang Seok, "I grew up this much!"

The song reflects IU's intention point as a singer. I hope that she will be a legendary singer like Kim Kwang Seok one day.

Track 3: Pierrot Smiles At Us
'Kpop sexy queen' Kim Wan Sun originally sang the song in 1990. After hearing that IU reinterprets the song, I worried that IU would sing and dance just like Kim Wan Sun did because it can kill IU's individuality.

However, IU's 'Pierrot Smiles At Us' is entirely different from the original song. By showing her comfortable singing style, she succeeded in making a totally new version of the song. It seems that she is saying "Regardless of the way how Kim Wan Sun sang the song, I just want to sing it this way."

I think 'Pierrot Smiles At Us' is the most well-arranged song among 7 tracks of IU's remake album.

Track 4: When my love passes by
Lee Moon Sae released the song in 1987. 'When my love passes by' might be the most difficult song for IU to reinterpret among all the songs in the album because it is a sad music that stimulates memories about parting.

To understand all the feelings of the song and sing it properly, one needs to have enough experiences of life. Well, IU's 'When my love passes by' is just breathtaking. She expresses the song's loneliness and mournfulness in the appropriate manner.

Track 5: The Meaning of You
The song was sung by Korean legendary band San Woollim. Through the song that has warm atmosphere, IU shows off her lovely and girlish voice. San Woollim's lead vocalist Kim Chan Wan was personally featured as a singer in the song.

The two singers' collaboration is pretty impressive. By singing duet with Kim Chang Wan, IU proved that people in their 20s and 60s can communicate with each other, transcending generation. I think this is what IU wanted to say by releasing the album.

Track 6: A Summer Night's Dream
'A Summer Night's Dream' was originally sung by Kim Hyun Sik in 1988. The legendary singer has a attractive husky voice, but IU reinterpreted the song with her clear and pretty voice. The song has hopeful lyrics like "Listening to sweet song, my heart is running towards blue sea of memories like a little child."

'A Summer Night's Dream' was Korean musician Yoon Sang's debut song as a composer. As you may know, he composed IU's hit 'Only I didn't know' that was released in 2011, and by listening to 'A Summer Night's Dream', you can confirm that IU's voice really goes well with Yoon Sang's lyrical music.

Track 7: Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah
Dance duo Clon's song 'Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah' gained immense popularity in Korea in 1996. The duo was personally featured as rappers in new version of 'Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah'.

IU's 'Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah' is totally different from Clon's song. The song begins with Hawaiian hula rhythm and has comfortable feeling. The song reminds me of IU enjoying her summer vacation freely at Hawaiian beach. It is supposed to be IU's dream holiday.


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