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Fans Worry About 'Kara Without Kara'

Kpop girl group Kara will have its new member in the near future. The group will pick out its new member through MBC Music's 'Kara Project' to be aired from May 27. 7 trainees of DSP Media are the potential candidates for Kara's new member. Kara's Nicole and Kang Ji Young left the team in early 2014, as their contract with the agency was ended.

By the way, not a few fans are much opposed to Kara's having new member. Let's talk about the reasons for it.

Last October, DSP announced that they signed two-year contracts with the three members Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Goo Hara. And now, they have a year and a half to sing as singers of the agency.

You may know another Kpop girl group Jewelry, right? The four-member group debuted in 2001. However, the group has repeatedly changed its members. The four members, Park Jung Ah, Lee Ji Hyun, Jeon Eunmi and Jung Yoo Jin formed the team in 2001, but all of them have left the team. Another Jewelry member Kim Eun Jung left the team recently, and Baby-J, Kim Yewon and Park Semi are the current members of Jewelry.

The Kara fans worry about this kind of situation. No one can be sure if Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Goo Hara will renew their contract with DSP after a year and a half. If Kara will repeatedly replace its members, fans may see 'Kara without Kara' in the future.

For this reason, fans rather want the three members to do individual activities and reunite with other two members in the distant future.

DSP stated, "We had an extended discussion and decided to select new member of Kara."

And added, "We had many worries about the proper way of picking up new member and decided to produce the real variety program to make fans understand."

However, many fans are not convinced that the real variety program is the best way of selecting Kara' new member. It is certainly profitable for the agency to make its 7 trainees appear in TV program, but from the point of view of fans who have been cheering Kara since the group's debut in 2007, it is quite embarrassing to watch the program.

Besides, it has been only a month since Kang Ji Young left the team. DSP didn't give a complete description of the TV show and new member, which made fans feel betrayed.

Well, the dice is cast. DSP has already revealed some candidates for Kara's new member. Check out the videos of So Jin, Shi Yoon and Young Ji.

The first thing Kara has to do is to commune with its fans. The group will hold its fan meeting event in Seoul on May 24. The three members have to convince the fans they will be active in Korea as one team.

And aside from this, there are many things Kara has to deal with. It has been 7 years since the group's debut, and the group has been recognized as one of the most popular Kpop girl groups. Kara needs to achieve harmony with the new member who just removed her tag as a trainee, while the new member have to convince Kara fans that she can be a part of Kara.

It is certainly not easy for Kara to take a fresh start.


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