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2NE1 Park Bom and Super Junior-M Henry's Distinctive Characteristics Make Them Unique

2NE1's Park Bom is now receiving the spotlight by appearing in SBS' entertainment show 'Room mate'. The program is about 11 stars who share the pleasures and pains of life with each other as room mates. And Super Junior-M's Henry is also gaining popularity by appearing in MBC's entertainment show 'Real Man'. Through the program, entertainers experience military life.

By the way, the two idol stars have something in common. Both of them have distinctive characteristics. Somebody says that they are freaks, but anyway, thanks to their distinctive characteristics, they are regarded as unique entertainers.

In 'Room Mate', Park Bom sprays her facial mist frequently, saying "It makes my face small." She's cute, but it is true that she is extraordinary. Interesting thing is that her facial mist is now receiving a lot of attention from female viewers in Korea.

As you can see in the picture above, Park Bom cut singer and actor Shin Sung Woo's mustache, saying "Because you are our chef, you need to keep yourself clean." What she said isn't wrong, but in Korea, it is usually considered impolite to touch or cut elders' mustache. As Shin Sung Woo debuted in 1992 as a singer, he is a big senior of Park Bom.

In 'Real Man', Henry surprised a lot of people by doing things that are beyond anyone's imagination. As enlisting in the army, he brought his personal items such as sunglasses and yoga mat. Those are the restricted items, But he looked so confident. And during the military training, he suddenly kissed a military instructor on the cheek. That really made other cast members nervous.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not speaking ill of them. They are just unusual.

I was curious about the two idol stars' real personality, and asked someone who knows well about the two. 

Park Sang Hyuk, the PD of 'Room mate', is currently filming the program with Park Bom, and in 2011, when he was producing SBS' 'Strong Heart', he has picked Henry as a panel. 'Strong Heart' was Henry's first ever entertainment show.

Here are Park Sang Hyuk's commnets.

"Park Bom and Henry are off the wall, odd and talk in a very strange way. But they are basically good-natured. I think people love them because they have their hearts in the right place. As they are good-natured, they can get along well with other cast members even though they are eccentric. Henry is clearly strange, but he is very kind."

He also talked about the reason for casting Park Bom.

"Before casting Park Bom, I already knew that she is funny. Actually, YG entertainment's artists are not personally acquainted with other agencies' artists or actors. As 2NE1 is a charismatic girl group, I had a curiosity about the meeting between a member of 2NE1 and other cast members. At the filming spot, it seems that Park Bom doesn't care about camera at all."

Well, no matter how odd they are, as members of Kpop idol groups on stage, they are cool and charismatic. Check out the two idol stars' splendid performance below.


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