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What is Required to be the Next Lee Hyori?

Top Kpop star Lee Hyori has been active in the world of Kpop since her debut as a member of girl group Fin.K.L in 1998. Especially, after debuting as a solo singer in 2003, she has been showing remarkable activities, making great hits with her songs such as '10 minutes', 'U go girl' and 'Bad girls'.

Meanwhile, there has been the dispute about the next Lee Hyori after the singer got into her thirties. Well, many of her junior female singers put their names on potential candidates, but there's no one who surely has achieved recognition as the next Lee Hyori. Let's talk about what is required to be the next Lee Hyori.

Requirements for Becoming the Next Lee Hyori
Lee Hyori is usually regarded as a representative sexy queen of Kpop world. All the female singers who have received attention as strong candidates for the next Lee Hyori also tried to capture people's heart with their sexy concepts.

Well, however, the officials say that sexy is not enough.

Unlike other female singers who are receiving unquestioning support of male fans, Lee Hyori is more popular among the ladies. She is a confident and lively woman who has a very clear view on things. She usually shows an enthusiastic attitude to social issues and always lays her cards on the table. This kind of down-to-earth charm enthuses female fans.

Add to this, as a trend setter, she has great taste in fashion, while she also showed her musical growth by producing her junior girl group Spica's recent album. 

Likewise, so many things are required to be the next Lee Hyori. It is never easy for her junior female singers to meet such a requirement.

Strong Candidates
Then, who do you think is the strongest candidate for the next Lee Hyori?

From all accounts I've heard, it's CL of 2NE1. At SBS' 'Gayo grand festival' aired in December 2013, CL showed joint performance with Lee Hyori and surely proved that she can rank with Lee Hyori.

By showing charismatic performances on stage, CL has been gaining great popularity among female fans, while she is recognized as another trend setter. She also showed her musical growth by participating in writing five tracks of 2NE1's recent album 'Crush'.

I am sure that CL has been achieving the most impressive musical accomplishments among female singer of her age. With this kind of musical competence, CL was able to collaborate with famous artists such as and Skrillex.

Another strong candidate for the next Lee Hyori is Gain of Brown Eyed Girls. Since her first ever solo album released in 2010, she has been showing off her own unique music and performance style. With her attractive looks and straightforward personality, she has captured many female fans' hearts. She appealed to overseas fans by appearing in the music video of Psy's 'Gentleman' too.

Potential Candidates
Female solo singers who aim at the position of the next Lee Hyori are ready to release their latest album one after the other. Just like Lee Hyori did, they dream of successful transformation from a member of girl group to solo singer.

Secret's Jeon Hyosung will make a debut as a solo singer by releasing her first album. The title track will be composed by hit maker Double Kick. It is highly expected that the singer, a leader of 4-member girl group Secret, will show off unusual charm. Her strength is her twofold charm crossing the line between sexy and cute.

4-member girl group The Grace's Stephanie will also make a comeback as a solo singer. It is expected that Stephanie will show super sexy performance. As she majored in dance and has been active as a professional dancer of LA ballet company, she is regarded as a female singer who can show top-class dance performance.

Besides, Jiyeon and Hyomin of T-ara will debut as a solo singer with each member's solo album. It is for the first time that the T-ara members release their solo album since their debut in 2009.


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!