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The Golden Age of TV Audition Show Stars

Promising new Kpop singers who have auditioned for Korean TV audition shows such as 'Kpop star' and 'Super star K' are recently getting a lot of attention from people. Akdong Musician(Akmu), the winner of 'Kpop star2', released its debut album and topped a variety of online music charts, while 2000won(Kpop star2) and Eddy Kim(Super star K4) also released their debut album and are drawing people's attention. Let's talk about the reason for the audition stars' recent vigorous activities.

Promotional Effect of TV Audition
TV audition shows are usually aired for 3 to 6 months. During this period, contestants can get the golden opportunities to promote themselves. Even for a professional singer, it is never easy to appear in TV show as a regular panel member for months.

Besides, as the competition among TV audition shows are becoming fierce, each audition show tries to figure out how to maximize contestants' individual charm. On the strength of the broadcasting company's organized promotional activities, contestants can easily appeal to the viewers.

In the meantime, contestants can have as many fans as existing singers. Bernard Park, the winner of 'Kpop star3', has more than 2,400 members in his fan site, while Kwon Jin Ah, who also auditioned for 'Kpop star3', has more than 2,600 fan site members. 

This kind of fan base helps the contestants settle down as professional singers easily.

Ability to Compose Songs
Of course, not all the contestants can debut as professional singers successfully. There are many contestants who just disappeared after TV audition shows. However, if they succeed in debuting once, they can be in a more advantageous position than other new singer who have not auditioned for TV audition show.

In the old days, it seemed that singing ability had a decisive effect on the results of TV audition show. But, things have changed a lot.

Akmu, 2000won and Eddy Kim have something in common. All of them are able to compose and write songs and participated in their debut album as composers.

Being able to compose songs means that they can do their own music which show clear distinction from other singers' music. That's why audition stars such as Akmu, 2000won and Eddy Kim are standing out more than anyone else.

The official from the world of Kpop stated, "It seems that the ability to compose and write songs became essential skill for contestants of audition program."

Agency's Systematic Management
Usually, it is advantageous for TV audition show contestants to debut as soon as the show is over. If the contestants want to be popular stars, it is essential that they are not forgotten.

But, haste spoils the work. Some of new singers who have auditioned TV audition show and debuted right after the end of the show, make people frown due to their lack of performing skill. It is much better to take time and practice enough.

It has been a year since 'Kpop star2' was over, and during a year, Akmu and 2000won have been working hard to prepare for their debut album. It took Eddy Kim 2 years to debut as a professional singer after the end of 'Super star K4'.

Kang Seung Yoon, who has auditioned for 'Super star K2' in 2010, is still preparing for his debut album as a member of new Kpop group Winner. His team mate Lee Seung Hoon is the one who has auditioned for 'Kpop star1' aired in 2012.

Under the agencies' systematic management, the TV audition contestants continues to grow as potential Kpop stars.


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