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Present Condition of SNSD's Estates Possession(For Laughs)

As you know, Girls' Generation(SNSD) is a top class girl group who is loved by people all over the world. Then, have you ever thought about the girls' possession of estates? Here's the present condition of the Girls' Generation members' estates possession. Oh, part of the contents is made for laughs. :)

Jessica: Owns 'Sangji Ritzville 10 Cha' located at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

The 230 square meter villa has 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms, and it costs about 1.8 million dollars. Inside the housing complex, there are a park and fountain.

Sooyoung: Owns 'La Folium' located at Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul

The 240 square meter villa has 5 rooms and 4 bathrooms, and it costs about 2.8 million dollars. It has perfect security system, while the residents can use additional facilities such as golf range, fitness center, banquet hall and massage room.

Seohyun: Owns 'Cheongdam Daewoo Member's County' located at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

The 238 square meter villa has 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms. It costs about 1.2 million dollars. The villa is well known for its pleasant living condition.

Yuri: Owns 'Sangji Ritzville 9 Cha' located at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul

The 220 square meter villa has 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms. It costs about 1.6 million dollars. The villa is equipped with high-level security system.

Hyoyeon: Owns 'Songdo Prugio' located at Songdo-dong, Incheon

The 294 square meter villa has 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms. It costs about 1.2 million dollars. Interior of the villa is decorated with top-quality materials.

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Taeyeon: Owns Porsche Boxster and Benz SLK 55 AMG

Porsche Boxster costs about 73,000 dollars, while Benz SLK 55 AMG is being sold for about 95,000 dollars.

Tiffany: Owns Spark

The light-weight vehicle costs about 8,500 dollars.

Sunny: Owns Nintendo DS :)

Yoona: Owns Lee Seung Gi

Check out all about Yoona and Lee Seung Gi's date here.


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