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Kpop Queen BoA's Film, Song, Life and Love

Kpop queen Boa has started her new challenge as a movie actress. In the film 'Make your move', she stars with Derek Hough. The Korean-American dance film is directed by Duane Adler who wrote the script for the movies 'Save the Last Dance' and 'Step Up', while Boa plays the character Aya who is an attractive dancer. About the movie release in Korea, Boa spoke frankly about her film, song, life and love in the interviews with various press media.

Q. How was your first ever movie appearance?
Boa: I've been dancing for a long time and have been put to inconvenience because I couldn't put all of my energy into dancing. So I longed for dance film. It seems that I can focus exclusively on dancing in the film. I think The couple dance in the film was a method of communication, not just a dance. I talked with a partner by body language and facial expressions.

Q. Is there any difference between k-pop world and movie world?
Boa: In the world of k-pop, I usually have to give advice to somebody as a senior singer. But in the movie world, I can ask my senior actors for advice, and it is so happy to learn something. And unlike singers who always wait for stage performance at each singer's waiting room, actors have a good gossip with each other during a break.

Q. TVXQ's U-Know Yunho had a cameo appearance in the film. How was it?
Boa: I was so glad when I heard that he's going to have a cameo appearance. Despite his hectic schedule, he willingly appeared in the movie. His scene was filmed in the United States and he hurried back to Korea. I was so grateful.

Q. It already has been 14 years since you debuted as a singer. How do you feel?
Boa: I even couldn’t expect that I would be able to work as an entertainer so long. For now, I’m trying to find a way to work cheerfully. And I’m always challenging myself because I want to be pleased with myself. Well, I think entertainer's actual position is entirely determined by the public. That’s why I’m just trying to be happy at any position.

Q. Don't you occasionally have hard times as a singer?
Boa: Yes, of course. I sometimes got tired out because I've been singing and dancing so long. But challenge gives me inspiration. For example, acting is a big challenge for me. By acting in my movie as an actress, I could realize that both singing and dancing are good means of communication.

Q. Don't you find it difficult to manage both singing and acting?
Boa: It's true that there is a difficulty. However, I think it depends on how hard I try. If I find a new movie with a great scenario, I will do my best as an actress. But at the same time, I will be also making steady and persistent effort to show great performance as a singer. I will not be one-sided.

Q. What is your real personality like?
Boa: When I was filming my drama “Hope for dating,” actor Daniel Choi said that I seem to be prim-minded and hard to get close to. However, it’s not true. I'm an easy-going person because I have two older brothers. I'm quite persistent when I work as a professional artist, but in real life, I'm just negligent.

Q. SM entertainment's other artists such as Girls' Generation's Yoona and Tiffany are dating somebody. What do you think about it?
Boa: They look so beautiful. I used to want to date someone, but it becomes increasingly difficult to find romance. My male co-workers said that I do not seem to be interested in date. Actually, I'm not in position to care about something. It could be a celebrity or an ordinary person, but I want to meet someone who can embrace me. I'm dreaming of wearing a wedding dress before reaching 40.

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