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From Bottom to the Top: Girl's Day's Life Story

4-member Kpop girl group Girl's Day, consists of Sojin, Minah, Yura and Hyeri, is gaining great attention from people as one of the most popular girl group in Korea. The reason why I want to talk about Girl's Day's life story is that the group proved those who go the extra mile get rewarded some day.


In her childhood, Sojin dreamed of being a great pianist. Her piano skill was in a significant level, but she had to give up piano because of financial difficulties.

She was a good student and her grades were in the upper ranks of her class. At the same time, as a choir member of her school, she received attention by showing off her singing ability.

When she was a high school senior, she was contacted by someone from one Kpop agency. He said she has to pay 2 million won(about 1,900 dollars) per 6 months if she wants to debut as a singer. After then, Sojin persuaded her parents and started her life as a trainee. However, 6 months later, the agency just disappeared. Yeah, she was defrauded of 2 million won by the company.

Sojin had no choice but to live off her friend. For about four and a half years, she has attended song academy, while working part-time job to pay for tuition.

Along the way, one day, she received proposal from DreamT Entertainment, the agency of Girl's Day.


From early years, Minah dreamed of becoming a singer, watching her senior Kpop idol group TVXQ's music video. She persuaded her mom and  attended song academy. She practiced singing all day from morning till night.

Although she experienced failure at the audition of JYP entertainment, she refused to give up and finally became a member of Girl's Day.

During first few years since Girl's Day's debut, as a representative member of the group, Minah was always busy going here and there, trying to let the people know about Girl's Day through various TV shows.


When she was a high school student, Yura showed off her outstanding art ability by winning awards in various arts contests. But she wanted to be an entertainer and practiced singing and dancing. (Even after debut, she once attracted attention of the public by revealing her drawing of Elsa, the character of animation 'Frozen', through her twitter)

Before Girl's Day's debut, the head of Dream T entertainment watched Yura's dance video on the Internet and made a contract proposal.

Actually, Yura has dreamed of being an actress from her childhood and is still thinking about her challenge to acting. She proved her possibility as an actor by appearing in some dramas such as 'Secret Angel', 'To the beautiful you' and 'Reckless family'.


When she was a middle school student, Hyeri was a member of dance club. And in high school, she won a prize in a singing & dancing contest. Yeah, genius displays itself even in the childhood.

As the youngest member of Girl's Day, Hyeri is serving her role greatly in the group.

From Bottom to the Top
Girl's Day made a debut in 2010. However, the girl group was not paid attention to by Kpop fans. The members also gave free street concerts to promote themselves, but the path of being a star was long and winding.

To make matters worse, the girls were embroiled in controversy because of their lack of live performance ability. Unlike other girl groups who have experienced 2 to 3 years of training period, Girl's Day had to debut only after 6 months of training period because of its agency's financial condition.

Girl's Day had a willingness to tolerate failure without giving up. And in 2013, Girl's Day finally got a chance to make all the difference. By releasing its hit 'Expect', the girl group began to grab the attention of the media. They changed their image from cute and pure girls to sexy women, and 'Suspenders dance', the choreography for 'Expect', gained popularity with Kpop fans.

And in early 2014, by making a huge hit with its song 'Something', Girl's Day made a big step up. The group became one of the most desired Kpop idol girl groups in the fields of performing arts, CF and TV shows. Girl's Day is now at least among the top 10 girl groups in the world of Kpop.


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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!