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EDM + Trot: Crayon Pop Shakes Body to Whole New Genre of Music

Kpop Girl group Crayon Pop made a comeback with its new song 'Uh-ee' and at the same time, the group held a comeback showcase on March 28. I went there and heard about the 5 members' thoughts about 'Uh-ee'.

In 2013, Crayon Pop made a huge hit with the song 'Bar Bar Bar', showing off its unique charm. The song has cheerful melody and easy to sing along to.

The same story has to be told about 'Uh-ee'. The songs' lively melody and catchy lyrics maximize Crayon Pop's special fascination. In the song, electronic dance music and trot(a genre of Korean pop music) are combined ingeniously.

Member Gummy said "'Uh-ee' is really easy to sing along to. We sing 'Cheer up! You’re doing great!'. We want to give strength to everyone who listens to the music."

Way stated, "Genre of the song is 'House Electronic Bbongjjak(trot)'. It's a new challenge."

'Uh-ee' is composed by Kang Jin Woo, who has written Crayon Pop's former songs such as 'Saturday night' and 'Dancing queen'.

Through activities for 'Bar Bar Bar', helmets and tracksuits became Crayon Pop's trademarks. However, they took off the helmets this time. Instead, they wore ramie clothes, white rubber shoes and red do-rags.

Choa said "We have been doing a lot of thinking about our new costumes. One day, we came up with an answer. It was hanbok(Korean traditional clothes) we wore in the New Year's Day. It seemed that wearing ramie clothes can be entertaining."

Soyul added, "We wore ramie clothes and rubber shoes, but it was iffy because we got accustomed to wearing helmets. So, we decided to wear red do-rags.

In the preparation of the single album, the members made various attempts to find the answer to proper costumes. They even put tambourines on their head.

Crayon Pop has caught people's heart by performing its '5 straight engine dance' of 'Bar Bar Bar'. The 5 members stood in line and jumped alternately as you can see in the music video of the song.

A notable choreography for 'Uh-ee' is a one-legged fight dance.

Ellin said "Crayon Pop is a joyful girl group. We want to give enjoyment and comfort to men and women of all ages," while Soyul stated, "Fans have given fervent support to us when we were performing '5 straight engine dance'. I hope that they will love the choreography of 'Uh-ee' too."

The picture below is the signed CD of Crayon Pop.


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