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All About Kpop Idol Group's Practice

Kpop idol groups capture global fans' hearts by showing off their outstanding performance skills. Despite intense dance moves, the idols show perfect live performance. Well, have you ever thought how much invisible effort is needed to get that level of skill? Let's see all about Kpop idol group's practice through 5-member boy group 100%(Hyukjin, Rokhyun, Chanyong, Minwoo, Jonghwan and Changbum)'s case.

Idol stars are working to a tight schedule. However, they should keep practicing to show better performance. 100%'s daily practice begins 10 am and ends at 10 pm. Even though it already has been 3 years since the group debuted, they practice at least 12 hours a day. And just before their comeback, they stay up all night practicing.

Idol group's practicing procedure is as follows. 

Step 1: Accustom themselves to new song
Step 2: Practice choreography
Step 3: Practice singing and dancing at the same time

Through this kind of procedure, the choreography is modified repeatedly, and the members need to have firm basic skills to adapt to new choreography easily. If their voices are unstable when they sing and dance at the same time, they start intensive practice.

Rokhyun, the lead vocal of 100%, has his own special method of improving live performance skill. He sings on a treadmill! Through the video below, you can see Rokhyun singing on a treadmill. The video was filmed by his team mate Changbum.

Not only Kpop fans and would-be singers, but also Kpop idols cover the songs sung by Kpop stars. During the practice, idols develop their own voice tones by covering other singers' songs.

You can watch the idol stars' cover videos on Youtube, and that is part of efforts to raise one's singing ability to a higher level.

Idols sometimes enjoy music practice as a play. In case of 100%, one member plays guitar while the other members learn guitar and sing to the guitar-playing.

Among 100%'s 5 members, Rokhyun, Hyukjin and Jonghwan contribute to vocal parts. Rokhyun sings the main melody, while Hyukjin sings high notes and Jonghwan sings low notes.

The 3 members try to create a perfect harmony during singing practice. Exchange of opinions is an important part of idol group's practice.

Each member controls his voice tone and volume, listening carefully to the other members' voices. They also discuss how to pile the chords. Even the music specialists in Kpop agencies cannot teach the idols how to be attuned to other members on stage. All of these procedures help the group show better performance.

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