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All About 2PM Nichkhun and SNSD Tiffany's Love Story

In 2014, 2PM’s Nichkhun and Girls’ Generations’ Tiffany admitted to being in a romantic relationship with each other. They have reportedly become lovers very recently at the time, but it’s not true. They were long term couples.

As it is well known, Nichkhun and Tiffany enjoyed their date very secretly. As both of them are celebrities, they have been very careful to keep out of people's sights, and during their date, they moved from place to place separately, looking cautiously round. For instance, after enjoying dinner together, Nichkhun got out of the restaurant a few minutes before Tiffany, acting as if he has no relationship with her.

In Korea, there are not a few idol stars from foreign countries. Due to differences in culture and language, some of them have trouble adjusting to the Korean entertainment world. For this reason, idols from foreign countries depend on each other and encourage each other. The “China Line” idol stars are one good example. Famous idols from China such as Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi, Miss A’s Jia and Wonder Girls’ Hyerim often gather together to promote their friendship.

Nichkhun is from Thailand, while Tiffany has lived in the United States for a long time. They are not that comfortable with Korean language and have had some difficulties in being active as an entertainer in Korea. So, they poured their hearts out to each other, and that’s why they could get so close. And as they debuted around the same time, there have been many chances to meet face to face with each other, both publicly and privately.

Nichkhun has a calm and gentle temper, but is manly too, while his Miss Right is someone who is nice to his parents. And Tiffany is a feminine girl who is sociable and full of charms, while she likes a man who is cold hearted to others but warm hearted to her. Even though they’ve broken up eventually, I’m sure they were a perfect couple.

Even before their relationship was revealed, some netizens have already found circumstantial evidences.

In the Girls' Generation's album 'The Boys', Tiffany wrote "the silly bf, never wanna be w/o u KAY! (:♥," while Nichkhun wrote "And the Silly little young <3" in 2PM's mini album 'Still 2:00pm' released in 2010. Tiffany's real name is Hwang Mi 'Young'.

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