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What are the Requirements for Becoming the Next Suzy

You know, Miss A’s Suzy is one of the most popular female k-pop idol stars. Since debut, she’s gained overwhelming popularity by appearing in many dramas, movies and commercial films. And she made a successful debut as a solo singer in January 2017 too.

By the way, k-pop agencies have been anxiously searching for the next Suzy because Suzy is the good example of the successful female idol and the agencies can make a lot of money by working with the next Suzy. You know, there have some young idols who were called the next Suzy. However, they couldn’t achieve as huge success as Suzy, while some of them have been just forgotten by the people.

Then, what do you think are the requirements for becoming the next Suzy? Actually, she has something ordinary idols don’t have.

First, to become a super star like Suzy, idols need to focus on their core purpose in life and their personal code of values. When I had an interview with Suzy in 2012, she was lively and laughed a lot just like other idols of her age, but she was a prudent person. At that time, she was a high school senior and had many worries about college admission. You know, students of her age usually depend on their parents, but Suzy was different.

She told me, "I don't know whether I should go to college because I have a hectic schedule and I’m not sure I will be able to attend my classes. And if I can’t attend my classes, I don’t think I need to go to college, of course. However, I’m thinking carefully about my college admission because I can get a good chance to be learned and meet with a variety of people if I go on to college. I couldn’t make a decision about whether I should go to college yet, but the only thing I truly know is I must look far into the future.”

Eventually, she gave up on going to college and decided to focus on her entertainment activities. After then, she achieved other successes by appearing in her drama “Gu Family Book” and making a comeback as a member of Miss A.

Second, relationships sometimes are even more important than talent. During their activities, k-pop idols encounter various people in the k-pop industry including TV producers and journalists. And relationships with them are very important because entertainment business is done by a variety of people, while arrogant and self-involved idols can’t survive in the industry.

When I interviewed Suzy, she looked so tired. She had a hectic daily schedule and was too busy to get sleep. However, she did her utmost to bear a cheerful face and answered to my questions wholeheartedly. She wasn't arrogant and she humbled herself.

She said, with a smile, "I feel so tired that I sometimes fall asleep with my makeup on. Actually, I’m very afraid that my skin will get bad because I’m currently working as a model for cosmetics brand, haha. Anyway, when I filmed my dramas and movies, I’ve never thought that I’m talented in acting. I just clench my teeth and dig into the job.”

Third, self-discipline. Suzy's first TV drama was “Dream High” that was aired in 2011. And even before her first drama appearance, she got a lot of attention from people in the Korean entertainment world because of her good looks. All the people in the industry said she will be able to become a top star some day.

However, she was only 17 at that time, and people also said that the next 2-3 years will have a decisive effect on her life. In Korea, there have been many teen stars who were loved by the public, but many of them have been forgotten by the people because they failed to be self-disciplined. Some of them became arrogant and were tempted into wrong ways, while others didn’t take care of their appearance and couldn’t have any more chances to appear in TV.

But, Suzy has been very strict in his self-discipline. Even though the idol star has gained great popularity since she was a teenager, she’s never gotten herself into any troubles. And she always took good care of her appearance even though she is a born beauty, and that’s why she could be dubbed “The nation’s first love” after showing off her stunning beauty in her movie “Architecture 101.”

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