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SHINee Talks about Future: Want to Maintain Team Now and For Ever

SHINee kicked off its world tour 'SHINee World III' by holding concerts in Seoul on March 8-9. And before its March 9 concert, the group attended press conference and talked with reporters. I've been there and could hear the five members' candid talks. Here's a series of questions and answers with SHINee. Check it out.

Q. You just kicked off your world tour concert. How do you feel?
Minho: It makes me happy to show SHINee's performance to people all over the world. Since we hold the concert after a long interval, we've prepared a lot.
Jonghyun: It will be the concert that the whole audience can enjoy. Let's jump in the air together.

Q. Is there anything special you prepared for the concert?
Key: Every member's opinion was reflected in the concert. We set the stage with a variety of fresh stage effects.
Taemin: We will perform some songs that we've never performed on the stage before. The concert will be dynamic and there is a lot for everyone to see. 
Onew: Through the medium tempo songs to be performed on the stage, you will be able to listen to the members' voices closely.

Q. What was the most difficult thing when you were preparing the concert?
Minho: As Taemin commented, we have to perform some songs that we've never performed on the stage before. Sim Jae Won, SM Entertainment's choreographer, designed various kind of new choreography and we have practiced it for over a month. At first, I frequently forgot what I practiced. But later, I got accustomed to new choreography, fortunately.

Q. Tell me about your singing practice and physique management.
Taemin: As a singer, I think that I need to be always prepared. I try to habituate myself to practicing everyday.
Minho: We do our everyday exercise and eat a lot to manage physical strength.

Q. The concert tickets were all sold out. What did you really feel like?
Jonghyun:  All the members recently had a drink together, and talked about how much we appreciate fans. We really appreciate fans doing so.
Minho: We heard the news when we were practicing for the concert and drew strength from our fans' support.

Q. What do you think is the reason why SHINee is so popular in foreign countries?
Onew: One of our strengths is that we can sing live at the same time as we show intense dance performance. Well, other Kpop singers have been active in foreign countries and I think we are receiving a great benefit from it.
Q. Key formed a new team 'Toheart' with Infinite's Woohyun. Tell me about Toheart.
Key: Woohyun and I talked together that we must not bring trouble to SHINee and Infinite. Through the activities as a member of Toheart, I think I will be able to take a chance to show new aspects of me that I've never shown before.

Q. Will Minho make a appearance in another TV drama soon?
Minho: I want to make another TV drama appearance as soon as possible. I hope that I can deliver good news in the near future. Usually, Jonghyun and Taemin watch my drama often and give advice to me.

Q. Let me know your future plans.
Onew: As progressing our world tour concert, we will release our new album. It is not long till the album release.
Jonghyun: Last year, we were so busy promoting our new songs such as 'Dream girl', 'Why so serious' and 'Everybody'. The whole process served as a momentum for us to have stronger power of combination. We talked seriously about our future, and we want to maintain the team now and for ever. 


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