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Repeated Controversy about Kpop Idol Stars' Wrong Attitude

Repeated controversy about idol stars' wrong attitude is causing people to raise an eyebrow.

After watching Mnet's 'Beatles Code' aired on March 25, people are giving 4minute's Hyuna harsh criticism. She put lipstick on her lips and lay on her face during the broadcast, and it seemed that she didn't have any sincerity. MCs who appeared on the program with Hyuna were obviously flustered too. The video below is the preview for the program. Hyuna's part is from 21 seconds.

Actually, this is not the first time for Hyuna to be embroiled in controversy due to her wrong attitude. On KBS' 'Music Bank' aired In 2012, 4minute performed its song 'Volume Up'. However, she didn't even open her mouth and just danced while her voice came out of the broadcast. At that time, her agency explained, "There was a mistake during pre-recording."

Actually, most of the Kpop idols take thorough etiquette lessons. Especially, big Kpop agencies such as SM, JYP and Cube(home to Hyuna) provide systematic educational programs.

During the idol stars' training period, agencies invite experts and offer various educations of humanism. Sex education and psychology consultation are also included in the education.

The official from one Kpop agency told me, "Most of the idol stars are teenagers, and they need to be educated the public mind. Add to this, given their greater influence on society, celebrities should learn how to control themselves. The stars' actions have a major effect on their fans, who are generally at a very impressionable age."
In the same vein, idol stars are doing various voluntary services. EXO became associated with a child welfare institution before its debut and is having a steady relationship with the children despite its busy schedule.

However, not all the idol stars act properly. A member of Kpop girl group was an hour late for drama shooting, but there was no word of apology. Another idol star took criticism because she appeared in a musical without enough practice.

The official stated, "Idol stars are still quite young, so it seems that some of them are having difficulty dealing with immense popularity and tight schedule."

Of course, not all the blame can be put on idols. Some of small and medium-sized agencies that can not provide systematic educational programs just emphasize about the importance of affectation and flattery.

As you know, Kpop idols are expanding their activities into foreign countries, representing Korea. I'd like to tell them to build an upright character.


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