Crayon Pop Reveals Costume Concept for its Upcoming Album

Crayon Pop unveiled the costume concept for its upcoming new album.

On March 17, Chrome Entertainment revealed the girl group's photo titled, 'Urban Life Style'. The photo showed Crayon Pop members wearing ramie clothes, white rubber shoes and red do-rags.

Last year, Crayon Pop has caused a sensation in Korea with its hit 'Bar Bar Bar', showing off unique charm by wearing helmets and tracksuits on stage. Crayon Pop's upcoming album to be released on March 31 will be the group's first official album since they released 'Bar Bar Bar' in June, 2013. Check out the 'Bar Bar Bar' performance below.

Chrome Entertainment stated, "We chose ramie clothes as Crayon Pop's new stage costume because of Korean traditional outfit's comfort, practicality, and particularity."

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop will perform its new song for the first time at the press showcase to be held on March 28. On March 29, the group's comeback showcase for the public is planned to be held in Seoul.

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