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What Girls' Generation Proved with 'Mr. Mr.'

Girls' Generation(SNSD) made a comeback after a year of break by releasing its 4th mini album 'Mr. Mr.' on February 24, 2014. The group has been at the center of a lot of media attention recently. Here are three things that Girls' Generation proved with its impressive new album.

Differentiate themselves from other girl groups
In the album, there is much to show for all Girls' Generation's efforts. World-famous artists like The Underdogs, Lindy Robbins, Brent Paschke and Kenzie participated in the album to build Girls' Generation up.

'Mr. Mr', the title track begins with distinctive synth sound. Strong beats and the members' attractive high notes build refined melody. The catchy chorus includes lyrics "More magnificently, you Mr. Mr. You made my heart beats faster Mr. Mr."

With its former hit 'I Got A Boy', the eletronic dance piece with pop, retro and urban elements, Girls' Generation showed experimental music. However, 'Mr. Mr.' has more popular appeal in it.

Nevertheless, the song is certainly different from other Kpop girl groups' featureless songs. Unlike other girl groups who just try to captivate the public in sexual ways, Girls' Generation hints at self-confidence with its higher quality title track.

The official from one Kpop agency told me, "Most of other girl groups do not think Girls' Generation as their rival. In terms of personnel competence and the fandom's scale, there is a huge difference between Girls' Generation and the rest of girl groups."

In comparison to other girl groups' hits, 'Mr. Mr' is sufficiently new and experimental. Girls' Generation is aiming at world pop market.

Girls became ladies
It has been 7 years since Girls' Generation made a debut in 2007. The girls have grown into ladies. With their newest album, they show off maturity.

Parts of the title track's lyrics include "The one who has the key to the future is you. Have a bigger dream than boys." Girls' Generation sends a message of support to a Mr.

Four years ago, the group's song was entirely different. Here are the lyrics of 'Oh!'. "Oppa, look at me. Please look at me. It is the first time for me to speak in this kind of tone, ha! I decorated my hair and wore makeup. But, you just do not know."

Let's all try to let go of their images as little girls and accept Girls' Generation as the young ladies they have become.

The members keep their composure when they sing, and competitive vocalists such as Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica uplift the song's atmosphere by showing off rhythmical vocal skills.

Influence as No.1 Kpop girl group
Right after releasing the album, Girls' Genration dominated a variety of Kpop charts. All of the tracks from the album were in the upper ranks of the charts. 'Mr. Mr.' caused a huge change in the world of popular song.

Even famous singers can rarely occupy music charts with all the tracks from their newest album. It is possible only with the songs that have sufficient degree of completion.

Second track's 'Goodbye' is composed by Lindy Robbins and Brent Paschke. As you may already know, Lindy Robbins has worked with popular pop stars like One Direction and Selena Gomez. Brent Paschke is a guitarist of pop rock band Spymob. Girls' Generation's voice and guitar sound are in perfect harmony.

Third track's 'Europa' is a synth pop piece that has familiar melody, while fourth track's 'Wait a minute' is a ear-catcher with retro cheerful melody.

Besides, 'Back Hug', the song with midium tempo, and 'Soul' are impresstive too. 'Soul' is a mix of hip hop, punk and pop dance.

And videos below, titled 'Girls' Generation NOW', show the members doing mischief. It made me laugh a lot. :)



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