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Money Game in Kpop World: Costs Related to Idols' Activities

Super Junior
Kpop idol stars' flashy dance moves and strong stage presences are now enthralling global music fans. However, many more people are involved behind the scenes in Kpop productions, and it is about money. To produce competitive singers, Kpop agencies have to invest no small sum of money. Yeah, Kpop industry is kind of money game too. Let's talk about costs related to idol stars' activities.

SHINee's accommodation.
Cost of Maintenance
Kpop agencies usually provide accommodations for its girl group or boy group members. Living with team mates enables them to develop the spirit of team work. In most cases, the accommodations are located at Gangnam, where is one of Seoul's most expensive neighborhoods, and the agencies have to pay about 1,500,000 won(1,400 dollars) for monthly rent.

Aspiring musicians need hours of practice every day, and even experienced professionals require constant practice. The idol group members take regular vocal, dance and acting lessons, and the cost is about 10,000,000 won(9,300 dollars) per month.

EXO's members eating black-bean-sauce noodles.
Add to this, their food expenses come to 3,000,000 won(2,800 dollars) a month. And some of the idol group members have plastic surgery to improve their appearance, while the average fee for cosmetic surgery is 15,000,000 won(14,000 dollars) for each person.

Cost of Stage Management
Singers look so gorgeous in their costumes on stage. To make fancy costumes, it costs about 500,000 won(470 dollars) for each member's uniform. Besides, the idol groups change their costumes everytime they hit the stage. It totally costs more than 20,000,000 won(18,500 dollars) for month-long activity.

Girl's Day. It costs no small money to decorate Kpop idol stars' appearance.
For their make-up and hair styling, they need to pay 30,000 won(28 dollars) per case. It seems like very little money, but they have to pay additional fee to have hair dyeing and hair treatment. It costs about 10,000,000 won(9,300 dollars) a month.

And aside from this, there are many places that require money. Kpop agencies have to pay 70,000 won(65 dollars) for each back-up dancer's stage performance, while performing artists such as guitarists and violinists get paid the same. Plus, it sometimes costs more than 100,000,000 won(93,000 dollars) to film cinematic music videos of the idol groups' new songs.


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