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Kpop Singers' Burglary: Is it Clever or Cowardly?

Have you heard about Kpop singers' 'burglary'? Oh, I hope you don't misunderstand me, I'm not talking about a real crime.
Big Bang's G-Dragon commented about Kpop singers' 'burglary' in his song.
Including new singers and big time singers, countless Kpop singers release their albums throughout the year. And the release date is as important as the perfection of the album because it determines the list of matches. It has a decisive effect on album sales and music show ranking. Naturally, most of Kpop singers want to pick on weaker competitors, and avoid tough opponents.

To complete the likeable list of matches, Kpop singers and their agencies try to read other singers' mind. If one of the most popular Kpop singer announces that he will release his album on certain date, other singers usually move up or delay their album release date to avoid the worst case that they have to face such a tough opponent. In the meantime, they search for the date that none of famous Kpop stars release their album. We call this Kpop singers' burglary. In Korean, it's 빈집털이.(You can pronounce it 'Binjipteori')

Kpop fans are divided over the issue. Some insist that Kpop singer's burglary is cowardice action, but others think that it is a clever marketing strategy. Well, what do you think of it?

I'm sure you've listened to G-Dragon's hit 'One of a Kind'. Parts of the lyrics rapped by GD include "
벌써 2집 나는 안 털어 빈집 내 랩은 그녈 침실로 데려가 눕히지 I’m busy."
(Romanization: Beolsseo Ijip. Naneun Anteoreo Binjip. Nae Raebeun Geunyeol Chimsilo Deryeoga Nupiji I'm busy)
(Translation: It's already second album. I do not commit a burglary. My rapping takes her to bedroom, and lays her on the bed. I'm busy)
Yes, he commented about the issue, expressing self-confidence as a top Kpop star.
And here is Kpop stars' album release schedule for the first six months of 2014. Of cource, it is changeable because there will be fierce war of nerves among the singers to avoid strong opponent.(It will also depend on preparation situation of the album and other various factors.)
Rain, TVXQ, Girl's Day, Ailee, Dal Shabet, B1A4, GOT7, Psy, Girls' Generation
Orange Caramel, A Pink, B.A.P, CN Blue, Winner, Block B, Gain
Sunmi, Crayon Pop, Shinhwa, Son Dambi, K.Will, BTS, EXO, G.NA, Infinite H
Baek A Yeon, Girls' Generation TTS, T-ara N4, After School, 4minute
2PM, Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls
SHINee, Rainbow, Infinite


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