Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Kpop Male Stars' Nicknames and their Origins

Kpop stars have diverse nicknames given by their fans. The nicknames felicitously go well with Kpop stars' images. Have you ever heard of any of them? Here are Kpop stars' nicknames and their origins.
B2ST's Dujun(left) and actor Gong Yoo. Do they resemble each other?
B2ST Yoon Dujun
Dudu: Derived from his name 'Du'jun.
3 seconds Gong Yoo: At first glance(for 3 seconds), he looks like Korean movie star Gong Yoo.
Durilla: In a certain sense, his face looks like gorilla. :)
After School's U-IE and B2ST's Jang Hyun Seung.
B2ST Jang Hyun Seung
Goddess: Because of his white face and pretty features, he is regarded as a male Kpop star who is as pretty as females.
Jang U-IE: Jang Hyun Seung and After School's U-IE resemble each other as if they were brother and sister.

B2ST Yong Junhyung
Yongcacola: He likes to drink Coca-Cola
Yongjun Brother: In Korean, 'Hyung' means brother, and you can put this word after a name of someone who is older than you.
Yong Mother: He gives other members a long lecture like mom. :)

B2ST Yang Yoseop
Yang Fairy: He looks like pretty little fairy.
Yangponge Bob: Imitating Sponge Bob's voice is his specialty.

B2ST Son Dongwoon
Son Namsin: In korean, 'Nam' means male and 'Sin' means god. We usually address good-looking female stars as goddess. 'Namsin' is the term for Son Dongwoon's good looks.

B2ST Lee Gikwang
Lee Kwanggi: Years ago, at KBS' 'One Day Two Nights', an old grandma called him by the wrong name 'Kwanggi'.
Upper Body Man: He usually shows off his well-muscled body at B2ST's concert, taking off his top.

Bing Bang G-Dragon
Kwon Chic: He looks chic and proud.
Ganjiyong: In vulgar Korean language, 'Ganji' is 'swagger and style'.
Kwon Leader: As you know, he is the leader of Big Bang.

Big Bang TOP
Tobby: Cute nickname derived from his name. YG Entertainment's artists usually call TOP this way.
Big Seunghyun: His real name is Seunghyun, which is the same as team mate Seungri's. To distinguish those two, fans call TOP "Big Seunghyun".
Dinosaur TOP: He once appeared on TV program wearing dinosaur shaped pajamas, and nicknamed himself 'Dinosaur TOP'.

Big Bang's Taeyang
Big Bang Taeyang
Youngbae: His real name. It is widely used as his nickname.
Bodhisattva Youngbae: Because of his hair style, he looks like Bodhisattva.
Big Bang Daesung
Dora Daesung: He once appeared on TV program wearing Doraemon shaped pajamas, and nicknamed himself 'Dora Daesung'.
Smile Angel: Look at his angelic smile! :)

Big Bang Seungri
Tory: In Korean, 'Seungri' means victory, and 'tory' was derived from victory.
Small Seunghyun: His real name is Seunghyun, which is the same as team mate TOP's. To distinguish those two, fans call Seungri "Small Seunghyun".
Baby: He is the youngest of 5 members and he looks so cute.
EXO Xiumin
Baozi: Baozi is Chinese steamed stuffed buns. Team mate Luhan nicknamed Xiumin "Baozi" because he has round, white face and looks like Baozi.
Xiu Minseok: His real name is Kim Minseok.
Xiuming: Derived from his name.

EXO Luhan
Dawn Deer: His Chinese name is 鹿晗, while 鹿 means 'deer' and 晗 means 'dawn breaks'.
Xiao Lu: In Chinese, 'Xiao' means 'small' and as you can see above, 'Lu' means deer. Team mate Sehun call Luhan this way.
Kim Luhan: He is Chinese, but he can speaks Korean language very well as if he is Korean. For this reason, he was given Korean last name 'Kim' by his fans.

EXO Kris
Goo Heesoo: Pronunciation of his name in Korean fashion.
Director Goo: Derived from Goo Heesoo. He looks like a handsome director on TV drama.
Duizhang: In Chinese, 'Duizhang' means 'leader' or 'captain'. He is the leader of EXO-M.
EXO's Suho
EXO Suho
Mama: He always takes care of other members as if he is their mother.
Junmen: Kim Junmyun(His real name) + Amen. Fans say that he has a holy atmosphere.
Sunouncer: Suho + Announcer. Right after his debut, Suho was so nervous on TV that he used to speak in awkward tone.

The Prince of Changsha: He is from Changsha, China.
jpg: In numerous instances, he is just sitting absent-mindedly. He is standing still like a still picture even in the videos, while other members show activity.
Xing Xing: His real name is Zhang yi xing.
EXO Baekhyun
Ddong Baekhyun: His last name is 'Byeon', and in Korean, it sounds the same as the word that means poop. Ddong means poop.
Bowwow: He looks like a cute bowwow.
EXO Chen
Chen Chen: Derived from his name.
Crazy Monkey: He was called "Crazy Monkey" during his school days.
EXO Chanyeol and Harry Potter's Dobby
EXO Chanyeol
Happy Virus: He's always smiling and good humored.
Park Dobby: Park(His last name) + Harry Potter's Dobby. He has pointy ears and was given the nickname "Park Dobby".
Fruitful Fruit:  In Chinese character, 'Chanyeol' means 'fruitful fruit'.
Doh D.O.: Doh is his last name.
Mother: He is a good cook, and other members nicknamed him this way.
Peach: In Chinese, peach is Taozi, which sounds like Tao's name.
Panda: He has dark circles under her eyes like Panda.
Mongu Daddy: His pet dog is Mongu.
Dancing Machine: He is the best dancer among EXO members.
EXO Sehun
Hun Hun: Derived from his name.
A White: He has white skin.
Mayor: His name is the same as former Mayor of Seoul Oh Sehun's name.
SHINee Onew
Only you: Derived from his name.
Soft tofu: He has a mellow voice and tender smile, which remind fans of soft tofu.
Jinkis Khan: Jinki(His real name) + Genghis Khan, the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire.

SHINee Jonghyun
Bling-Bling: He used to use his word frequently.
Kim Ne-Yo: Years ago, he sang pop star Ne-Yo's song 'Sexy Love' at radio program with Girls' Generation's Jessica.
SHINee Key
Master Key: Derived from his name, and he is a man of versatile talents.
Bum Key: Kim Kibum(His real name) + Key.
SHINee Minho
Min Cop: He once danced 'Robot Cop' dance at fashion show.
Flaming Charisma: He has charismatic big eyes.
SHINee Taemin
Cutaem: Cute + Taemin.
Devoted Son Taem: He is a devoted son to his parents.
TVXQ U-Know Yunho
Daddy Jung: He likes babies.
The Autocrat of Stage: He commands the stage with strong charisma.
Leader Jung: He is the leader of TVXQ

TVXQ Max Changmin
Maxim: Max + Shim Changmin.
Soonmin: Soon + Changmin. 'Soon' sound the same as Korean word that means 'gentle and mind'. As you know, Changmin has innocent and mild temper.
Changllelujah: Changmin + Hallelujah. As the congregation cried, “Hallelujah!”, people usually admire for his perfect appearance.

JYJ Junsu(Xia)
Xiazart: Xia + Mozart. He has undeniable musical talent.
Born to Sing: He has outstanding singing ability.
Baby Xia: He looks like little cute baby.

JYJ Yoochun
Ugg Yoochun: In 2008, he once wore ugg boots and fans were impressed by it.
Yoochunsa: Yoochun + Chunsa. Chunsa means angel in Korean.
Park Namja: Namja means 'man' in Korean. He is regarded as a man who has masculine charm.

JYJ Kim Jaejoong
Mirror Jaejoong: He likes mirror.
Visho: Visual Shock. He is so handsome that people sometimes get shocked.
Jeje: Derived from his name Jaejoong.


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