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(Kpop Behind the Scenes) Moon Hee Jun Talks About H.O.T's Reunion

On January 21, the production presentation for KBS' 'Star Friend' was held at the broadcasting station in Yeouido, Seoul. The program is the real variety show that includes the story about the meeting between South Korea and North Korea's children. And apart from the children, three entertainers, singer Moon Hee Jun, actress Yoon Sonha and actor Go Joo Won, appear on the show as the children's teachers.

I went there, in cold weather(Actually, I really can't bear the cold weather), and watched the entire event.
Former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun commented about the group's reunion.
Well, the production presentation proceeded in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end, while Moon Hee Jun tried to liven up the mood with his witty words. Especially, he caught people's attention by commenting about H.O.T's reunion.

Oh, some of you may not know about the five-member group. H.O.T is the legendary Kpop group, and Moon Hee Jun was one of the members. You can say H.O.T is the ancestor of EXO, because H.O.T was produced and managed by SM Entertainment about 20 years ago. The group was dissolved in 2001, and some of Korean fans are still interested in H.O.T's reunion. Check out the video below to see how they did in their prime.

At the production presentation, Moon Hee Jun said "H.O.T will reunited if the viewing rate of 'Star Friends' exceeds 9.8%."

Media outlets soon got hold of the story. However, during the sudden announcement, his eyes were full of mischief. He chatted people up, saying "Please delete the articles. The other members told me not to mention about reunion."
Furthermore, the program will be aired every Saturday afternoon, which means it is really hard to achieve 9.8% of viewing rate, and he already knew about it. Yeah, the naughty boy likes mischief, haha.
Anyway, thanks to Moon Hee Jun's witty words, the atmosphere at the event had heightened. Even after the event, he had smile on his face and was so affectionate with South Korea and North Korea's children.


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