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The Evolution of K-Pop : Girls Taking off Sexy Concept

A sexy concept is a realistic marketing strategy for K-Pop stars to fascinate fans. From legendary sexy star Lee Hyori to rising sexy star 4minute's Hyuna, there are many Kpop idols who won success with sexy concepts.
However, K-Pop stars began to evolve. Recently, K-Pop idols without sexy concpet are on rise. Let me take a few examples.
A five-member girl group Crayon Pop made a viral hit with its song 'Bar Bar Bar'. As you can see on the YouTube channels, there are numerous versions of cover dance videos for the song's choreography '5 straight engine dance'. 'Bar Bar Bar' and the girl group have enjoyed incredible popularity over several months, but there was no sexy concept. Wearing cute costumes and helmets, the girls have performed the song in a dinky way! As a new K-Pop girl group, they proved that it is possible to win success without any sexy concept.

2NE1's CL is another example of K-Pop female star who promote herself without a sexy concept. You may tilt your head sideways. Yes, she is hot and sexy. But she does not stick to it. She has something different from other sexy K-Pop female idols like After School, Secret or Kara. CL is cool rather than lovely. She prefers to be called "Bad Girl", not "Sexy Girl". There has been no female idols in K-Pop history who names herself as "The Baddest Female". Pursuing hip hop-based music, and with a intense rapping, CL has her own characteristic colors. Without a sexy concept, she succeeded in constructing image as a female professional.

A Pink is a notable girl group too. Have you heard about Fin.K.L or S.E.S? Yes, the two are the legendary K-Pop girl groups who were the 90's ultimate super stars. A Pink is reminiscent of Fin.K.L and S.E.S. Without powerful and sexy choreography, the group shows off pure and innocent charm, wearing floaty chiffon skirts. A Pink's latest song 'No No No' that maximizes the members' image of purity has stayed at the top of the various K-Pop charts for more than 3 months.

I asked some K-Pop producers why they began to take off sexy concepts. One of them said "Some fans are tired of the Kpop idols' sexy performance, because there are so many K-Pop stars appeal sexually."
Yes, it is like economic law. Supply and demand determine prices. An excessive supply of the sexy concept has dropped the price of girl groups with sexy concepts. Within a few years, thousands of nameless but sexy Kpop girl groups have sprung up everywhere.
One more thing. The wheel of fortune turns and Some trends are disinterred from retro style. As you see in the case of A Pink, its senior groups Fin.K.L and S.E.S's styles that dominated the 90's can come to the forefront again in later years.
Oh, of course, the age of sexy girl groups would come here again soon or later because there still are many girl group members who stick to their sexy concepts. Representatively, 4minute's Hyuna and SISTAR's Hyolyn! Check out their sexy performance below.


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