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Kpop Stars' Sasaeng Fans: They even enter into prostitution

Big Bang's G-Dragon went crook at his Sasaeng fans. He said "My mom and sister got frightened because you guys are in front of my house at midnight. Do not come to my house."

Have you heard about k-pop stars’ Sasaeng fans? “Sasaeng” came from a Korean word “Sasaenghwal,” which mean “Private life.” Sasaeng fans are overly obsessed fans. They follow k-pop idols like a shadow. They do not give a shit about their school although most of them are teenagers. As Sasaeng fans invade k-pop idols’ privacy by watching their every movement, they have become a serious social problem in Korea. Here are some actual cases of Sasaeng fans' obsessive acts that ordinary people can't understand.

Years ago, the TVXQ members said “One day, we changed our phone numbers, but in just five minutes, someone sent us a text message. She asked us why we changed our phone numbers. So we changed our phone numbers again, but it was no use. She sent us a text message again and said it’s not good to change our phone numbers too often. It was really scary.”

Sasaeng fans make a phone call to idol stars again and again. It really drives the idols mad. The crazed fans sometimes even break into the idols’ houses and check the call history of their devices. Can you imagine what Sasaeng fans do next? They make a phone call to everyone on the cellphone records for no reason.

Of course, k-pop stars hate their Sasaeng fans, but it seems the Sasaeng fans just can’t realize it because they do anything to gain attention from the idols. For example, they sneak into idols’ houses at midnight and kiss or hug the idols who are fast asleep. And some of them even beat them in the face or throw garbage to them, while there are also Sasaeng fans who deliver weird presents such as condoms and menstrual bloods to idols. They send pornographic photos of themselves too.

Well, Sasaeng fans, who always follow k-pop idols around even run the risk of car accident. In 2011, Super Junior's Lee Teuk and Kim Heechul had a car accident in Singapore. It was a seven-car collision occurred by their Sasaeng fans. Sasaeng fans were riding in a cab, and they chased the members from the airport. The two members were not seriously injured, but it really was a dangerous moment.

Actually, in Korea, there are “Sasaeng taxis,” and the taxi drivers mislead young Sasaeng fans with a sales gimmick. The drivers ask for money, saying they can help the Sasaeng fans chase k-pop idols. They charge the fans about 200 USD a day, while they charge their regular costumers about 1,000 USD a month.

By the way, including the taxi fee, Sasaeng fans need no small money to run after k-pop idols. But they’re still little girls and have no money. That’s why they usually pocket their tuition fee or work at part-time job. However, there are also young girls who make very wrong choices. Actually, they take to evil course of entering into prostitution. Although teenager's prostitution is strictly prohibited by Korea's Special Law on Prostitution, there still are some insane people who have sexual relations with teenagers in Korea. According to a Sasaeng fan, there was even a girl who had sexual relations with a Sasaeng taxi driver instead of paying the taxi fee.

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