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Idol Stars' Ideal Type: Do you Believe What They Say?

K-pop idols sometimes talk about their ideal types through TV shows and press interviews. For example, EXO’s D.O said Amanda Seyfried is his ideal type, stating, “I like a woman who has such a charming smile. Amanda Seyfried has visited Korea before, but sadly, I couldn’t meet her. I really want to meet her real live." And his team mate Baekhyun picked actress Han Gain as his ideal type, saying “She has great-looking skin and pretty nose," while both Miss A’s Suzy and SISTAR’s Hyolyn said their ideal type is actor Kang Dongwon.
Amanda Seyfried
Well, by the way, do you think you can believe what they say? Of course, it seems like they have no reason to lie, but there are hidden stories.

Han Gain
When I had an interview with a male idol star, he confessed to me, “I've talked about my ideal types through TV shows or press interview too. However, many of them are really close to me just as friends. If I really love someone, I would not tell her name.” And he added that he tries to protect his lover by doing so because she could be in hot water if their romantic relationship becomes public.

And a person who works for a k-pop agency told me, “K-pop idols make thoroughgoing preparations before they’re interviewed. And they prepare for their answers to ideal type too. I usually advise to tell foreign celebrities or married stars’ names because, you know, it’s safe.”

Isn't it clever? By telling foreign celebrities or married stars’ names, k-pop idols can leave no misunderstanding. You know, they don't need to wake a sleeping wolf.

However, there also are some idols who are too honest to tell a lie. They can’t hide the fact that they are in romantic relationships with their lovers, and when they’re asked about their ideal types, they usually just give a general description of their lovers, instead of telling the name. So, from idol stars' words, you may be able to guess what kind of people their lovers are.

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