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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Epilogue

kpop romance

It was a sunny day. Minjoo’s luxurious sedan speeded along over the smooth road. Minjoo could feel the cool breezes on her face.
Minjoo’s car pulled up at a beautiful café located in a suburb of Seoul. When Minjoo got off the car, a man welcomed her. It was Park Donghoon.

minjoo's luxurious sedan
Minjoo’s luxurious sedan speeded along over the smooth road

“Hey, look at you. You look more beautiful than ever”

“It’s been a long time. How have you been, Mr. Park?”

Exchanging greetings, they entered the café.

“You want something to drink with it?” asked Park Donghoon.

“Iced Americano, please”

Park Donghoon brewed coffee and served it to Minjoo.

“So, how's business? I was surprised when I heard you opened a café”

“Well, not bad. You know, show business is a funny business, but there is uncertainty about the future of the business. That’s why I decided to open this café”

“But you’re going to keep running DH Entertainment, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I come here on weekends only. It’s not easy to manage two jobs, but I’m happy now”

“That’s great. I watched CTS’ debut. They did great”

“Oh, you watched it? Time flies. You know, they were just trainees when you were in our agency”

“Yeah, that’s right”

“Did you hear Daniel Lee has been charged with fraud? A Sajaegi broker betrayed him. He may be put in jail”

“Yeah, I heard that. He brought it on himself”

“So…” Park Donghoon paused for a moment.

“What? Why are you so serious?”

“How’s your relationship with Minho?”

“My relationship with Minho? What do you mean?” asked back Minjoo, wearing an air of innocence.

“Hey, don’t act like you don't know what I'm talking about. I’m talking about your boyfriend”

“How did you know?” Minjoo opened her eyes wide with surprise.

“I knew about it from the first. When he visited our agency to make a contract, you two looked very much in love” said Park Donghoon, smiling at Minjoo.

“Really? I’m sorry, Mr. Park. We didn't mean to deceive you”

“It’s alright. Never mind. You are grown adults, and you can learn many things by loving. You know, you’re not teenage trainees any more”
“Ok, why did you ask me about my relationship with Minho, by the way?”

“Because he still belongs to DH Entertainment, and he’s my artist. If you hurt him, I’ll not stand”

“Haha, ok. We’re good. Don’t worry”

“Anyway, I’m proud of you, Minjoo. You’ve achieved many things by yourself” said Park Donghoon, after a short silence.

“No, everything is thanks to you. You accepted me, and you gave huge help to us”

“No, your success is thanks to yourself. You didn’t give up, and you’ve worked harder than anyone else. There are some idols who are as pretty and talented as you, but there are no other idols who are as persistent and diligent as you. You’re the best k-pop idol I’ve ever seen” said Park Donghoon, looking at Minjoo in the eye.

“Thank you, Mr. Park”

After taking a sip of coffee, Minjoo looked up at the sky. There was not a speck of cloud in the clear sky.


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