How do reporters know when kpop idols arrive at the airport?

Departing and arriving at the airport, k-pop idols are photographed by lots of reporters. With gorgeous clothes on, they smile at cameras and their fans. They look so awesome at the airport, don't they?

By the way, haven't you ever wondered how reporters can know when idol stars arrive at the airport? Do you think k-pop agencies have a duty to give reporters their idols' schedules? Or do you think reporters find all the information themselves?

K-pop agencies? Small k-pop agencies which have unpopular idols sometimes ask reporters to visit the airport and take photos of the idols, but most of k-pop agencies don't do such a thing.

Actually, in most cases, people who notify reporters of k-pop idols' departing and arriving schedules are publicists for various fashion brands.

You may not know it, but when many famous idols go to the airport, they get their clothes sponsored. That's not all. They get their caps, watches, bags and shoes sponsored too. They're "walking billboards". And of course, fashion brands pay money for it. They pay quite a lot of money, and getting sponsored takes a big part of k-pop idols' income. The more a k-pop idol is popular, the more fashion brands have to pay, and sometimes, there's fierce competition among fashion brands which hope to offer their products to top class idol stars because the stars guarantee great advertising effects.

So, for fashion brands, it's natural to notify reporters of k-pop idols' departing and arriving schedules because lots of photos of famous idols wearing their products should be released for excellent publicity.

Of course, reporters can also know when k-pop idols arrive at the airport by checking their official schedules, as most of fans do. And there are a few Korean media outlets which have their reporters who always stay at the airport to take photos of celebrities.

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