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[BTS Facts] First impression of one another

-Jungkook entered Big Hit Entertainment because he thought RM's rap was amazing. When Jungkook met RM for the first time, RM was in his underwear. Jungkook's first words were "Wow, thick thighs!"
-When Suga met RM for the first time, RM was with other two trainees. The three were wearing Adidas' navy, green and black sweatsuits, and Suga thought "Oh, everyone has to wear Adidas' sweatsuit in Big Hit Entertainment". Suga bought Adidas' blue sweatsuit later.
-When J-Hope was trained in Gwangju after entering Big Hit Entertainment, RM and Suga were revealed, and he thought "Wow, they're really cool".
-V knew about RM and Suga even before entering Big Hit Entertainment, and he thought they're really cool. However, when V met RM for the first time, RM was half asleep with his strange glasses on.

-J-Hope says he was shocked when he met Suga for the first time because Suga was wearing his underwear only after taking a shower. But Suga was the first member who talked to J-Hope after he became a trainee. J-Hope was not accustomed to his life in the dormitory and used to sleep in the living room, but Suga told him to sleep in his room. That's not all. When J-Hope had to stay alone in the dormitory at the end of 2010 because all the other members had gone to their home, Suga called him and returned to dormitory with fried chicken in his hand. J-Hope was very moved then.
-When Jimin met Suga for the first time, Suga was wearing his underwear only.
-When Jin met Suga for the first time, Suga was wearing a fedora with a plume. And Suga's perfume smelled like a pine. Suga later gave the perfume to Jin as a present, but Jin threw it away.
-When he was a trainee, V thought Suga was fashionable. But V says Suga's fashion sense has never developed since then.

-When V met J-Hope for the first time, J-Hope was half asleep. But V thought "He must be a good dancer".
-When Jin met J-Hope for the first time, J-Hope was wearing his underwear only.
-When Suga met J-Hope for the first time, he was very surprised because J-Hope was very dark-skinned.
-When Jimin met J-hope for the first time, he felt familiar with J-Hope. They became very intimate later, talking about dance and practicing together till late at night.

-When Jimin met Jin for the first time, Jin had him sing a song. At first, Jimin thought Jin was disciplining him, but Jin just didn't want to become intimate with a new trainee because so many trainees had left Big Hit Entertainment.
-Jin had V sing a song too, and V sang a song because he wanted to impress Jin.
-When RM met Jin for the first time, he thought Jin was really cool because he was very handsome.
-All the members say Jin looked very cold when he was a trainee.

-When V met Jungkook for the first time, Jungkook was very quiet.
-When he was a trainee, Jungkook was very shy of strangers, and he cried several times when the other members made him sing a song and teased him. He even took a shower after all the other members went to bed because he was so shy. Big Hit Entertainment was very worried about him before his debut.
-When he was a trainee, Jungkook's hairstyle was very unique. He always covered one of his eyes, and he put hair spray on his hair for more than 10 minutes.

-When Jin came back from school one day, he met V for the first time. V was wearing a red jacket and he suddenly approached to Jin and started to dance, rubbing himself against Jin. According to V, he didn't want to, but the other trainees said he had to do it to appeal to the oldest trainee.
-V's mom bought the red jacket for him because she didn't want him to be ignored by people in Seoul.
-When Jimin met V for the first time, V was was wearing his red trunks only. Jimin thought "He must be a trouble maker".
-All the members say V's first impression was bad because he didn't even say hello to them when they met for the first time. But it was because V was shy of strangers.

-J-Hope says Jimin looked like a cute country boy when he met Jimin for the first time.
-V says Jimin was a little bit country when he met Jimin for the first time.
-Jin says Jimin got a nice body when he met Jimin for the first time.
-After seeing Jimin's curly hair and plump face, Suga thought he must be really good at either singing or dancing. But Jimin was countrified, and Suga told him to throw away all the clothes he had.

**Bang Si Hyuk says it's interesting that all the members' personality traits have changed except for Jin. He says there is no change in Jin's personality, and Jin is a person with common sense. According to Bang Si Hyuk, Jin always guides the other members in the right direction.


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