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[Exclusive] The truth about Cube's kicking Hyuna and E'Dawn out of it

On September 13, 2018, Cube Entertainment announced that it would kick Hyuna and Pentagon's E'Dawn out of it, saying it would be impossible to restore trust between the agency and the idol stars. You know, Hyuna and E'Dawn, who'd been together as members of Triple H, were reported to be real lovers in August, but Cube denied it. However, the two young stars, without discussing with Cube, later confessed that they're lovers, saying they didn't want to deceive people.

Hyuna and E'Dawn are young and they have the right to love, but I understand Cube's position because the agency had invested lots of money its idols and must have felt a sense of betrayal. It's true Hyuna and E'Dawn deceived Cube and broke the agency's rule. It doesn't mean I agree with Cube's decision, though. Cube should have dealt with the thing more cleverly. Hyuna and E'Dawn have their fans, and Cube should have considered the fans. The decision was too drastic, and it hurt a lot of fans, as well as the two talented artists.

By the way, what's confusing fans was that Cube seemed to hesitate to make the final decision. After the initial announcement, Cube later changed its position and announced it would reconsider its decision. What do you think was going on?

The truth is that there was a conflict between Cube and investors. Cube is a listed company, and after it announced that it would kick Hyuna and E'Dawn out of it, there was a big fall in Cube's stock, of course, because Hyuna is a super star who is loved by lots of fans around the world. She had played great role in the development of Cube, earning a lot of money as a singer and TV commercial star.

So, in this situation, investors strongly opposed to Cube's initial decision. However, Cube couldn't just accept investors' opinion because it couldn't forgive Hyuna and E'Dawn, who had broken its rule and deceived all the people in the agency. At first, feeling completely betrayed, Cube decided to kick the idols out of it despite possible huge losses due to the decision, but later, yeah, Cube became indecisive because of investors opposition. Cube needed investors' investment to run the company. That's why Cube couldn't kick Hyuna and E'Dawn out of it right away no matter how much it hated the idols.


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