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[Exclusive] The reason why Jeon Somi chose The Black Label as her new home

It was quite surprising news. Jeon Somi decided to leave JYP.

The female idol star was the winner of "Produce 101" and a key member of I.O.I, a girl group which enjoyed sensational popularity. She was considered as the future of JYP, and that's why many people were surprised when it was announced that she had decided to leave the k-pop agency.

Why do you think Jeon Somi decided to leave JYP then? Well, JYP has been keeping quiet about the reason, and little is known about Jeon Somi's life in the k-pop agency. But one thing is certain. JYP is protecting the young idol, who once was its trainee. Letting go of Jeon Somi, JYP wished good luck with her future. That's how JYP usually deals with things. There have been many idols who left JYP, but JYP has never spoken ill of them. JYP makes much account of human relationships and faith.

Anyway, after Jeon Somi's decision to leave JYP, lots of k-pop agencies contacted her to scout the promising young idol star. However, she chose The Black Label as her new home. Do you know why?

Of course, Teddy, who is leading the sublabel of YG, is a famous hit maker, and that could be one reason why Jeon Somi chose the label as her new home. But that's not all. Most of k-pop agencies which contacted Jeon Somi asked her to join their new girl groups, which means she would have to wait some more to debut if she accepted the proposals. However, the Black Label was different. The label promised two things. First, solo debut. Second, debut at the earliest possible date. These two things certainly appealed to Jeon Somi, who has long been waiting for her official debut. You know, even though the talented idol star had been active as a member of I.O.I and became popular among k-pop fans, there's one thing that didn't change. She's still a trainee. She couldn't officially debut yet, and the girl who had been trained for a long time was still preparing for her debut before leaving JYP.

It's unusual that a k-pop idol moves from a big k-pop agency to another big one and Jeon Somi also knows about it, but joining the Black Label was the best option for her, who had been just a trainee for a long time. It is expected that she will have the golden days of her career with the help of the Black Label, Teddy and YG. She's pretty and talented. And she already has many fans who love her. There is a good chance that she will achieve success as a solo singer.


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