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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 2. Despair

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Chapter 2. Despair


“Hey, isn’t Minjoo so cute?” Giho told Minho, leaning back in his chair.

“Yes, she’s cute” Minho answered, but he fixed his eyes on the TV screen. He was watching BIGBANG’s performance. BIGBANG was one of the most popular k-pop boy groups, and Minho’s dream was to become like BIGBANG. Since Minho had to debut soon, he fully focused on watching BIGBANG’s performance to learn as many things as possible from it.

“Hey, she’s cute? That’s it? You’re really boring, I always say. She’s more than a pretty face. There’s something really special about her. Did you see she was so shy in front of us? Oh god, she’s amazing. I'm completely infatuated with her. I’ll confess my love for her”

“What?” Minho looked at Giho, clearly surprised.

“Why do you look so surprised? Do you want me to say it again? I’ll confess my love for her”

“But we have rules, and we have to debut soon”

“Hey, just don’t care about the absurd rules. Are we robots? We have a right to date girls. And don’t worry. I’ll never cause damage to our team”

Minho wanted to stop Giho but couldn’t say any more because his mind wavered too when he saw Minjoo. And for Minho, who had tried really hard to observe all the rules of Fish Entertainment, it was inconceivable to tell Giho not to date Minjoo because he liked her too.

“Don't be so sensitive over nothing. Minjoo gets to the practicing room at 5 p.m., right? You watch. I’ll steal the cute girl’s heart” Giho told Minho with an air

Minho had a worried look on his face, sighing deeply.

"I'll steal the cute girl's heart" 


As a k-pop trainee, Minjoo tried to live each day to the fullest. She practiced very hard, and her singing and dancing skills remarkably improved consequent upon continual endeavors.

“What did I say? She’s really special” Daniel Lee said, watching Minjoo dance.

“Yeah, you’re right. She’s quite another person now. She’s quickly advancing” said Kim Eunha.

However, there was a person who thought differently. It was Hyejin. When she had just become Fish Entertainment’s trainee, she was the best among all the female trainees. She sang better than anyone else, and she danced better than anyone else. At the time, Minjoo was just a pretty girl who couldn’t sing and dance well.

But things changed. Minjoo’s singing and dancing skills remarkably improved, and Minjoo became the one who received great attention from all the people in Fish Entertainment. Hyejin hated such a situation, and to be more exact, she hated Minjoo. In a practicing room, Hyejin watched Minjoo dance with disapproval.

Just then, Giho entered the practicing room.

“Hey girls, how’s it going?” Giho said hello to Hyejin, Soyoung, Minhee, Kyungjoo and Minjoo.

“Well, by the way, I’m sorry but could you please leave the room? I mean, except for Minjoo. I got a message from Daniel Lee, but he wanted me to tell it only to Minjoo. I’m sorry, girls. Well, it’s not a very important message, by the way, haha”

Soyoung, Minhee, Kyungjoo left the room, and Hyejin went after them after giving Minjoo the hairy eyeball.

“So, what is Daniel Lee’s message?” asked Minjoo, with eyes full of innocence.

“Oh, well. You look good in your training suit. Anyway, the message is…” Giho took a breath before getting to the point.

“Will you go out with me?”

Minjoo was speechless with astonishment.

“Did I startle you? I'm sorry. But I’m serious now. I liked you the moment I first saw you”

“But we have rules, and…” Minjoo was so embarrassed that she just stood in front of Giho. It was her first time to be asked to go out with.
“Minjoo, don’t worry. Of course, it’s important to observe the rules, but what’s more important is our feeling. And what I can promise you is that I will help you to make a debut as soon as possible. Did you know I’m Daniel Lee’s nephew?”


“Yeah, he’s my uncle. And I can tell him to advance the date of your debut”

Minjoo got confused. She didn’t hate Giho. He was handsome and humorous. And he was the first man who confessed his love to her. Above all, her mind reeled when she heard that he was Daniel Lee’s nephew and he could help her to make a debut as soon as possible.

“Minjoo, just don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine”

“Are you really sure there will be no trouble?” asked Minjoo, after a long silence.

“Yeah, of course. You can count on me, unconditionally. So, your answer is yes?” Giho looked into her eyes, putting on a smile on his face.

Minjoo nodded dumbly.


Minho couldn’t get to sleep till late at night because Giho sneaked out of their dormitory to date Minjoo. It had been almost 5 hours since Giho left the dormitory, and many thoughts ran through Minho’s head. He just couldn’t believe Minjoo had agreed to go on a date, and above all, he was very worried about her. Giho was an infamous playboy, and he had already dated several female trainees in and out of Fish Entertainment. Besides, he thought of sleeping with girls as a game. If he were not Daniel Lee’s nephew, he would be kicked out of the agency.

“Hey, can’t you fall asleep? You seem strange lately” said Junho, entering Minho’s room. Junho was a male trainee living with Minho and Giho.

“I don’t know. I just can’t sleep”

“Tell me, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Never mind” said Minho, with his eyes fixed on the computer monitor.

“You’d better go to bed early. You know, we have a monthly test tomorrow”

“Ok, don’t worry”

“Where’s Giho, by the way? Did he go out to date a girl again? Who does he date this time? Don’t tell me he dates one of our new female trainees. It has been just weeks since the girls became trainees”

“I don’t know. Hey, I need to get some sleep” said Minho, heading to bed.

“Ok, take some rest” Junho said and left the room.

Even after laying himself on the bed, Minho couldn’t get to sleep. He just kept staring at the ceiling with a blank look on his face as though his mind were somewhere else.

Just then, he heard the front door open. He sat up in bed. And Giho entered his room, with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey, why do you still stay awake? We have a monthly test tomorrow. You need to go to bed early” said Giho, taking off his jacket.

“Don’t you think you came back too late?” said Minho, getting off the bed.

“All right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Don’t worry bro. I’m fully ready for our monthly test. I have a startling news, by the way”

“What is it?”

“Do you want to know what it is? Don’t be surprised” said Giho, with an air.

“Tell me. What is it?”

“I did it today”

“Did what?” Nerves rose within Minho’s heart.

“You play innocent now? Haha. I slept with her”


“Yeah, I slept with Minjoo. Surprising news, huh? You need to try to date some girls too, bro. Anyway, I need to get some sleep. Hey, we’ll do great on our monthly test tomorrow. Just don’t worry and sleep well” said Giho, smiling and winking at Minho and leaving the room.

Minho stood around in the room, gawking at Giho’s back. He couldn’t even move his body.

"What? You did what?" Minho couldn't even move his body


Minjoo’s face clouded over. Her home pregnancy test came back positive. She had felt something strange since 2 weeks ago, and her period was several days overdue. She bought a pregnancy test just to be sure, but she got the result she never wanted.

Minjoo immediately went to the practicing room, where Giho was practicing dancing.

“I have something to tell you”

“What is it? Does it take long? Because I’m busy now. You know, my debut is near at hand. Be brief” Giho seemed not to be interested in what Minjoo wanted to say at all.

“I’m pregnant” said Minjoo, after a long silence.

“What?” Giho stared at Minjoo with wide eyes.

Minjoo couldn’t say anything more. And she began to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry. Do you want to let all the people know about our relationship? Ok, You’re pregnant. So what? Do you want to say I’m responsible for it? Hey, did I sleep with you forcibly? No. You should have been careful. You know your period. Oh, I see. You need some money? Ok, I’ll give you some money. So with the money, abort the child and don’t bother me any more. Oh god, I didn’t know you’re such a fool”

Minjoo was paralyzed and unable to speak. She even couldn’t notice that Hyejin was hearing all their conversations.

It was noised abroad that Minjoo were pregnant, and it eventually reached Daniel Lee. He called Minjoo and Giho into his office.

“Uncle, I, I just…” Giho began to make excuse with a fearful look on his face, but just then, Daniel Lee slapped his chick.

“I do not want you to explain. Hold your tongue, Giho”

Then his gaze shifted to Minjoo.

“As Giho’s uncle, I do apologize for him. I’m sorry, Minjoo. It’s really sad, but I think you’d agree you have to abort the child. You’re a girl with a promising future. We’ll introduce a good doctor to you, and we’ll pay all the money. Don’t worry, Minjoo. Everything is going to be just fine. But…”

He paused and looked Minjoo in the eye.

“But rules are rules. You broke the basic rule. You should not have dated him. I’m sorry but I think you should leave our agency. You may have a better chance later. So, go and see doctor with Kim Eunha. She’ll help you so just let us know everything that you need. Eunha, take her to the hospital”

Minjoo could hardly keep from tears, but there was nothing she could do. Kim Eunha took her arm and led her away, patting her on the back.

When Minjoo got to Kim Eunha’s car, Minho was looking at them in the distance. His heart was torn, and tears were running down his cheeks.

Minjoo could hardly keep from tears


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