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Kpop Audition Tips & Advice: How to become a kpop idol

The question that I’m asked by would be singers the most is “How can I become a k-pop idol?”. There are no particularly easy answers to the question, but I want to give you some tips for the most effective way to prepare for your audition.

UK Jung

First of all, do not have the obsession that you have to become a trainee of the biggest k-pop agencies. Do you want to become SM Entertainment’s trainee? Do you want to enter YG Entertainment? Or do you want to become one of the JYP artists? Well, of course, it’s best for you to become a trainee of such agencies because they have very systematic training systems. They provide singing lessons, dancing lessons, and personality educations. And they even take care of your school studies.

However, the reality sometimes is very harsh. There are so many would be singers who want to enter big k-pop agencies, and it could be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to become a trainee of SM, YG and JYP.

Don’t limit possibilities. There are so many k-pop agencies in Korea, and yes, it’s ok for you to become a trainee of a smaller agency and try hard to debut.

So, I recommend that you make a list of as many k-pop agencies as you can. And then, search for their audition schedules and update them periodically. You should also search for which k-pop singers each agency has because each agency prefers different style of singer and you need to try to fit in with the style. Plan thoroughly, and keep yourself interested in what’s happening in the k-pop world.

And you should plan thoroughly when you practice singing too. Do you think you just need to practice dance songs because you want to become a dance singer? Do you think you don’t need to practice slow songs because you don’t like slow music and you will never sing slow songs? No.

Make a list of songs of various genres and practice them. For example, Make lists of 30 fast songs, 30 slow songs, 30 English songs and 30 Korean songs. And practice all of them. Do you think that’s too many? No, it’s never easy to become a k-pop idol. It requires much effort. Be prepared to be able to sing any kind of song at your audition. The judges can ask you to do something unexpected.

And one more thing I want to tell you is that you should enjoy all the process. It’s a long journey to become a k-pop idol. You will experience failures, and you sometimes could be very frustrated. But, even if you fail, you will have another chance if you endure and continue trying. Try to enjoy all the process and be patient.


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