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[Kpop Audition Bible - How to become a kpop idol] All the Things You were Curious about

Q. Should I get a parent’s permission to take part in a k-pop audition?
A. If you are a participant under 14 years old, yeah, you should get a parent’s permission to take part in a k-pop audition. If you are a participant of 14 and over, no, you don’t need to get a parent’s permission. However, if you pass the audition, you should get a parent’s permission to become a trainee, in case you are a minor.

Q. How should I wear? Should I put on makeup?
A. There is no dress code. But, you’d better dress modestly. Neat shirts and jeans are good examples. And if you are a student and you have a school uniform, it’s also good to wear your school uniform. Remember, the judges are not that interested in how you dress. They just want to see your potential. And do not put on heavy makeup. If you become a k-pop idol, your stylist will do everything for you.

Q. What is the evaluation standard of k-pop audition?
A. Every k-pop agency has different evaluation standard. However, basically, the judges consider participants’ attraction, singing & dancing ability, personality, confidence, will, etc.  There's nothing you can't do if you try your best.

Q. I’m fat and ugly. Can I become a k-pop trainee?
A. It’s true that k-pop idols should look good. However, believe me, just a few of k-pop idols are really handsome and pretty. I mean, the others look great not because of their great appearance but because of their trendy hair styles, clothes and makeups. They were not that handsome and pretty before their debut, and some of them had plastic surgery. I can’t say your appearance has no effect on your audition, but it’s not the most important factor. Focus on improving your singing and dancing ability. If you become a k-pop trainee, your agency will take care of your skin, weight and style. I have a suggestion, though. If you are too fat, the judges will think you are not self-disciplined. Take regular exercise and show the judges that you’re controlling yourself.

Q. I’m a foreigner. Can I become a k-pop trainee?
A. The good news is that foreign idols are in great demand. As the Korean music market is very small, k-pop agencies really want to extend their business abroad. And to do so, they need foreign idols from various countries. You know, there are many foreign idols who are active in the k-pop world these days. K-pop auditions are open to everybody. And you can have a chance if you're attractive and talented enough to appeal to the judges. What is important is your talent, not your skin color.

Q. I want to become a ballad singer, not a dance singer. Should I practice dancing?
A. Remember that you have not been chosen by any k-pop agencies. Raise your value by becoming a well-rounded would be singer. Even if you want to become a ballad singer, practice dancing, rapping and songwriting. It will be helpful for you in some way.

Q. Can I get additional points if I play musical instruments?
A. Basically, yes, the judges prefer participants who can play musical instruments because it means the participants are talented in music. However, never play musical instruments at your audition if you are not really good at it. You could be marked down if you have poor skills. Focus just on singing.

Q. Do I have to dance with no music at my audition?
A. Basically, you dance to music you prepared, but it depends. Some k-pop agencies make participants dance to random music too. Be prepared for any possibilities.

Q. How long will I be trained if I pass my audition?
A. It differs from person to person. Some k-pop idols were trained for about 10 years, but there also are k-pop idols who could debut just 3 months after becoming trainees. Even if you have great singing and dancing skills, you can’t debut if everything doesn’t fall into place. All the k-pop agencies have different plans and they’re in different financial situations. In a word, you should be lucky if you want to make a debut very early. In the k-pop world, it’s sometimes better to be lucky than good.

Q. Should I sing a Korean song?
A. Basically, I recommend you to sing a Korean song because you take part in k-pop audition to become a k-pop idol who sings Korean songs in Korea. However, you do not necessarily need to sing a Korean song. What’s important is that you should focus on what you do best. Do what you are able to do very well.

Q. Do I have to pay for my accommodation and all the lessons after becoming a trainee?
A. It differs from agency to agency. Every k-pop agency has a different rule for training cost. Most of k-pop agencies share training cost with trainees. It doesn’t mean trainees have to pay for the cost every month, though. In most cases, trainees pay back the cost after debuting and making some money.

Q. I can’t hit high notes. Can I become a k-pop trainee?
A. Every person has different voice and different range of voice. you do not necessarily need to hit high notes. There are many k-pop idols who can’t hit high notes. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to practice hitting high notes, though. Do as best you can.

Q. Can I lower the pitch of the original song when I sing the song?
A. Yes, because every person has different range of voice. It’s ok for male participants to sing female singer’s song and it’s ok for female participants to sing male singer’s song. But, remember, if you want to lower the pitch of the original song when you sing the song, you should prepare your own version of MR. If you sing to the original MR, you will look like a terrible singer because your pitch is lower than that of the original song.

Q. The judges of k-pop auditions are really scary?
A. No, not at all. Don’t be afraid of them. Be confident, and just show them what you have.

Q. Am I too young? / Am I too old?
A. K-pop auditions are open to everybody. Don’t concern too much about your age. If you’re in your 20s, yes, you can become a k-pop trainee if you’re talented enough to appeal to the judges. If you’re an elementary school student, yes, you can become a k-pop trainee if you’re talented enough to appeal to the judges. And don’t worry if your voice has broken. The judges are professionals, and they will try to see your possibility.

Q. Do I have to attend a private academy to become a k-pop trainee?
A. If you are a beginner and don’t have any basic skills, yes, I recommend you to attend a private academy if possible. Learn basic skills there, and get help from your teacher. However, if you are not a beginner and already have basic skills, you’d better do it yourself. Singing is totally different from study, which means attending a private academy and practicing hard don’t guarantee your success as a participant of a k-pop audition. What’s important is that you should have your own style of singing.

Q. I can’t speak in Korean. Can I become a k-pop trainee?
A. Yes, of course. Most of foreign idols who are currently active in the k-pop world couldn’t speak in Korean when they were trainees. If you become a k-pop trainee, your agency will teach you Korean. But, it’s good for you to learn basic greetings in Korean before taking part in a k-pop audition because you can win the judges’ favor by using Korean.

Q. I can’t sing well and I can’t dance well either. Can I become a k-pop trainee?
A. No. You have to practice singing and dancing if you can’t sing well and you can’t dance well either. K-pop agencies don’t sign with just anyone. Of course, if you’re very very pretty and attractive, you can become a k-pop trainee even if you are not good at singing and dancing because k-pop agencies think they can teach you later. However, such are rare cases.

Q. Can I just send my video by email to appeal to k-pop agencies?
A. If you want to send your video to k-pop agencies, I recommend you to visit their official audition websites and follow the standard procedure. If you email your video to wrong email address, yeah, they can’t watch your video. The official audition websites of various k-pop agencies are attached at the end of this book.

Q. How long will I have to wait to know the result of my audition?
A. It usually doesn't take long for k-pop agencies to choose successful applicants because they have experts and the experts can recognize talented applicants at a glance. If you pass your audition, you will be notified soon. If you fail your audition, you will not be.


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