[Korean Stars' Real Personality] Suzy

Here's one of the most popular female k-pop stars, Suzy. Since she appeared in her film “Architecture 101” in 2012, she has been gaining great popularity as the nation's first love. Most of people in the Korean entertainment world say she is bright as well as pretty. She is cheerful but knows how to act in the presence of her elders. And she is an ambitious girl. When I had an interview with her for the first time in 2012, it was very impressive that she was serious minded about her career even though she was a teenage girl. Unlike other teenage idols, she had her own opinion about her career. She dreamed of releasing her solo album at that time, and yeah, the dream finally came true.

Another notable thing about Suzy’s real personality is that the lovely girl is the one who is not familiar with cute and lovely gestures at all. I mean, k-pop stars usually have to pose for the camera with a very cute and lovely look, but Suzy, who doesn’t like to pretend to be pretty is hostile to such a pretentious behavior.

Actually, some people in the Korean entertainment world say she has become haughty after making a name for herself, while there have been many bad rumors regarding her. Her position involves that kind of sacrifice, but it's too much sometimes.

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