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[Korean Stars' Real Personality] Hani

EXID's Hani has made a splash with her fancam in 2014 and is now regarded as one of the hottest female idol stars. Some of you might watch the video dozens of times, and as you can see in the video, she's so sexy and sensual. But, she is not entirely what she seems.

Everybody in the k-pop world says Hani is an easy-going person, while some say she always butches up. She never pretends to be pretty and she’s not a prude. For example, she says to her male manager “I have to defecate” when she wants to do a poo. Can you imagine that the sexy idol star would say the words defecate or dung? Well, that’s why some people say she is really off the wall, but she is loved by so many people in the Korean entertainment world because of such an easy going personality.

And unlike the other female stars who are usually unpopular among ladies, Hani has a good relationship with female industry workers too. You know, girls dislike a girl who pretends to be all nice in front of people but is entirely different behind their back. In addition, Hani is one of the most popular female stars among male idols because she is not only a good-natured person but also a smart person. She speaks English and Chinese fluently, while she was a very good student at her school.

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