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[Korean Stars' Real Personality] 2PM Nichkhun

In 2013, I’ve visited Tokyo to watch 2PM's Tokyo Dome concert. And after the concert, I met with the 2PM members at a wrap-up party, while it was notable that Nichkhun, one of the most handsome k-pop idol stars attended the party with his old worn-out shirt on. Of course, he still looked very good in the old-fashioned shirt, but I was very surprised in some way because most of idol stars like to wear expensive and fashionable clothes. Well, after exchanging a few words with him, I could know what kind of person he is and why he wore such a shabby shirt. He was a man without pretense and didn’t put on a front. And he didn’t behave like a celebrity either. Instead, he talked candidly with everyone.

Nichkhun is well known for his good-hearted personality. He is very polite and is kind to everyone. However, there’s a little-known detail of the mild-eyed idol star’s real personality. Actually, he is very manly and is one of the most masculine man among all the k-pop idol stars. He likes to hang out with his buddies, and he enjoys exercising to strengthen his muscles. Many of female idols have good feelings toward him not only because he is a handsome gentleman but also because he is the one who can protect his woman.


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