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[BTS’ LIFE, WORK AND PEOPLE] Jimin’s Profile & Fun Facts

  1. Stage Name: Jimin
  2. Full Name: Park Jimin
  3. Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
  4. Birthday: October 13, 1995
  5. Height: 173.6cm 
  6. Weight: 61 kg
  7. Blood Type: A
  8. Hometown: Busan, South Korea
  9. Family: Dad, mom, younger brother
  10. Hobbies: Spacing out
  11. Education: Global Cyber University
  12. Role model: BIGBANG’s Taeyang
  13. Favorite color: Blue, black and purple
  14. Favorite foods: Kimchi

Q. How did Jimin get his name?
Jimin is his real name, but he wanted to have a great stage name at first. Baby J, Baby G and Young Kid were candidates for his stage name, but he eventually decided to use his real name because all the BTS members said Jimin was the best name.

Q. How did Jimin get six packs?
Jimin watched his diet just like the other BTS members did, but he took more exercise than they did. When BTS released its debut song “No more dream” in 2013, Bang Sihyuk wanted all the members to reveal their abs on the stage at first. However, the members made a complaint about it, and Jimin eventually became the only member who had to reveal his abs on the stage. He felt a lot of pressure, but he later got to like to do it because many fans went wild when he revealed his abs.

Q. How did Jimin become a k-pop idol?
Jimin began to dance popping when he was a second year in middle school, and he began dreaming of becoming a k-pop idol after watching Rain’s performance. He majored in modern dance when he was a high school student, and he decided to take part in a k-pop audition because his dance teacher recommended him to do it.

Q. How did Jimin feel when he became a member of BTS?
Jimin was the last member who joined the team, and he thought he was lacking in many things. That’s why he practiced a lot. He slept only 3 hours a day.

Q. What is a feature of Jimin’s dance?
Jimin is one of the best dancers among BTS members, and he’s confident in his dancing ability. As he has learned popping dance and modern dance, he can do a variety of different dance moves. His dance moves are powerful, and he can do an acrobatic movement too.

Q. What is Jimin’s real personality like?
Jimin is energetic and powerful on the stage, but he’s gentle and mild in real life. He's got a soft heart and can't say no when people ask him to do something. And he is shy of strangers. He never gets angry even if BTS members play a prank on him, and he is a good listener.

Q. What is Jimin’s ideal type of woman like?
Jimin likes a nice and cute woman who is smaller than him.

Q. What does Jimin like?
Jimin likes accessories, and he always wears rings, earrings and bracelets. And he likes crackers and kimchi too. He loves all the food made of kimchi.

Q. Who are Jimin’s best friends?
As Jimin is shy of strangers and has been not that active in TV shows, he doesn’t have many friends. However, he’s been maintaining close relationships with some famous k-pop idols such as SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Chanyeol.

Fun Facts about Jimin

  1. Hulk is Jimin’s favorite Avengers character.
  2. Jimin told BTS members that he could seduce any woman he wanted, but in real life, he’s so shy that he can’t do anything in front of girls.
  3. Jimin chose Suga as the ugliest member.
  4. If Jimin had a super power, he wants to talk to dogs and animals.
  5. Jimin’s face gets swollen often.
  6. Jimin hated to study history when he was a student.
  7. Jimin thinks men need two things. Those are aura of confidence and muscular body.


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