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Bang Sihyuk’s comments about BTS

The reason for BTS’ success
"I don’t know. But I’ve heard many things from fans, reporters and critics, and to sum it all up, BTS could achieve a success because they showed great performance and they told their own stories through their music. And it seems like they could be loved by fans all over the world because they actively communicated with their fans through various channels".

Change of BTS
"It’s true BTS has tried a variety of different things, but I don’t think they’ve changed because they’ve been always singing for teenagers and people in their 20s. BTS’ music is consistent, and the members just do age-appropriate music. Their music is the expression of their earnest and candid mind, and we never try to design an artificial concept of their album".

"We give support to them, but it doesn’t mean we make them do something we want. I think we must not meddle in their music because they have their own musical characteristics. BTS’ own intention is the most important thing. When BTS releases its new song, I make the final decision, but I’ve never suggested them to do something I want".

"They’re free to do whatever they want on SNS. We didn’t make them do it to have promotion effects, though. We just asked them not to open personal SNS accounts because they’re a team. The create so many contents, and they enjoy communicating with their fans".

Popularity in foreign countries
"I had never imagined BTS would become so popular in foreign countries. When I launched BTS, I just tried to care much not only about their music but also their fashion and music video. I think they could have many foreign fans because they sing about youth, a subject of almost universal interest".

"There has been no discord among BTS members. They are very thick. Of course, they sometimes have a small quarrel, but they settle the matter themselves".

"I’m an ambitious man, and when I launched BTS, I dreamed that one day the group will become the no.1 Korean singer. Some laughed at me, while others felt sorry for me. Actually, BTS members themselves didn’t believe me at first. I’m so proud now, and it’s surprising that BTS achieved such a success in the United States. However, I don’t think BTS has gained the summit. It is just the beginning, and the members should try harder".

"At first, l listened to Pdogg’s music and I decided to take him to Seoul because I was sure he had listened to a lot of hip hop music. He’s currently working for Big Hit Entertainment as a music producer. And a friend of him recommended Rap Monster to me. Rap Monster did really great at the time, and I thought I should make him debut. After then, we decided to launch a hip hop idol group and began to recruit members".

"All the BTS members have a great passion for music. They could become so successful because they’ve always been very passionate. And they’re very smart too. Each member knows what they should do as a member of the team. And they’re kind-hearted and never act like celebrities. Even though they’re much younger than me, I learn a lot from them".

"We’ve drunk together when Jungkook attained adulthood, but we do not often drink alcohol together. I’m a heavy drinker, but all of them are light drinkers. Suga drinks well, but he’s not a heavy drinker at all. And actually, I can’t meet them frequently because they’re too busy".

New boy group
"We’ve been discussing about our new boy group, but nothing is confirmed yet. We have several trainees, but I’m not sure about the future. We don’t have any female trainees at all".

"They’re A.R.M.Y, but they’re not aggressive at all. They made BTS members who they are. Thanks to their great support and love, BTS could become one of the most popular k-pop idol groups. I’m so thankful for A.R.M.Y. A.R.M.Y is BTS’ priority, and the members will do their best in return for their fans’ love. I want to tell BTS members that they should not forget how precious their fans are. I know BTS’ fans devote their lives to supporting BTS".


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