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The reason why Korean president commented on BTS' great achievement

BTS is making another history.

After releasing their new album "LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear", the talented boys topped Billboard 200 and ranked no.10 on Billboard Hot 100, which certainly is one of the greatest achievements in the k-pop history. Congratulations, BTS. And congratulations, ARMY.

By the way, what surprised people in the k-pop industry was not just BTS' great achievement on Billboard chart but also Korean president's reaction to it. On May 28, president Moon Jae In congratulated BTS on their great achievement through his SNS. He said "I want to congratulate 7 boys who love music and their wing ARMY. I support the 7 boys' dream, who dream of topping Billboard Hot 100, winning Grammy Awards, holding a stadium tour and becoming the most influential singer in the world. And I also cheer for ARMY, who are voicing themselves to the world with BTS".

It is very unusual for Korean president to comment on a specific idol group. Why do you think president Moon commented on BTS, then? Because BTS is the most popular idol group these days? So president Moon wanted to gain some popularity by using the boy group? No.

As you know, BTS' huge success has come as a great shock to many people in the k-pop industry because the group belongs to Big Hit entertainment, which is not as big kpop agency as SM, YG, or JYP. One reason why BTS could become one of the most popular k-pop idol groups is because the group gives people music with stories. The group writes its own music and sings about teenager's life, arousing empathy from young k-pop fans. What's more impressive about BTS' music is that the team always tries to give special messages for their fans. They ask their fans to love themselves and voice themselves. By doing so, BTS is certainly having good influence on young people, who are having trouble in the world.

President Moon knows all the stories, of course, and the president also knows BTS is such a special team, who's having good influence on young people. That's why he commented on BTS' great achievement. The president, who was impressed by BTS' achievement, wanted to cheer up Korean young people by officially commenting on the group.

Congratulations again, BTS. Go for it!


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