The director of "The princess and the matchmaker" says Lee Seung Gi is very polite and smart

Lee Seung Gi's new movie "The princess and the matchmaker" is making the box office hit. The popular Korean star, who was released from the army in October, 2017, showed good acting performance in his new movie. He played a matchmaker, working in perfect harmony with talented young actress Shim Eun Kyung.

Also notable is the fact that Lee Seung Gi was praised by all the people who he worked with, as always. The good-natured star, who is considerate of the feelings of others, is always nice to people around him, and he is the one who lightens up the mood of the filming site.

So, check out what the director of "The princess and the matchmaker" talked about Lee Seung Gi in a recent interview.

Lee Seung Gi had filmed his scenes before he joined the army. That's why he looks fresh in the movie. He had fat cheeks at the time. After being released from the army, he became a sharp and mature man. I think he's a natural born gentleman. He's always nice and polite to everyone. And I think his strengths are his brightness and confidence. He has a positive energy. Even though he has to manage a series of tight schedules, he attends all the promotional events and tries to energize us. And you know, the healthy young man, who did excellent service in the military, deserves to exude confidence. He is a very smart actor too. When I give direction to him, he always does it much better than I expected.

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