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Is Jung Yong Hwa lying about his entrance into graduate school?

About a month ago, it was reported that CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa had cheated his way into Kyunghee University's graduate school. It was a shocking news because the handsome k-pop star was considered as one of the most good-hearted k-pop idols. Even though FNC Entertainment, home to the idol star, explained that he didn't have any intention of cheating his way into his PhD, he has been receiving a lot of public criticism.

And on March 2, the police announced the result of their investigation on Jung Yong Hwa's illicit entrance into Kyunghee University’s graduate school. Well, actually, the result was quite shocking. According to the announcement, Jung Yong Hwa's manager had asked for a special favor from Kyunghee University, and the idol star could enter the graduate school even though he didn't attend his interview. Furthermore, according to the police, Jung Yong Hwa applied for the Ph.D. program not because he wanted to study more but because he hoped to delay his enlistment. The police declared Jung Yong Hwa's entrance into the graduate school as a "crime".

However, right after the announcement of the police, Jung Yong Hwa posted a long piece of writing on instagram, strongly denying the allegations.

According to Jung Yong Hwa, he was interviewed by Kyunghee University's professor, who visited FNC Entertainment to meet him. The idol star apologized for not having been very careful about possible troubles, but he emphasized the fact that he had never tried to delay his enlistment. He said he wanted to study more about art at the graduate school. And he also said that he decided to join the army not because he wanted to escape from the hard situation but because he thought it was his duty.

Well, what do you think? The suspicion surrounding Jung Yong Hwa is becoming amplified due to the conflicting arguments between the police and FNC. And as Jung Yong Hwa himself said, he's responsible for what had happened because he wasn't careful about possible troubles during the admission procedure. However, there's one thing certain. Jung Yong Hwa is not the only person who has to be blamed, and he is not the one who abetted the "crime" or made a plan for it.

Universities are education institutions. However, to be more precise, Universities are in the business of educating people, which means they need to earn money by attracting many students. And think about it. If a University attracted a famous idol star, it would help the University attract more general students. That's why Kyunghee University needed Jung Yong Hwa and the university's professor even visited FNC Entertainment to have an interview with Jung Yong Hwa, which certainly was a special treatment.

And let's talk about Jung Yong Hwa's enlistment. Males 18 years old or older are required to serve in the military in Korea. Famous idol stars are no exceptions. However, there are no idols who want to join the army in early age because they have their heyday when they're in their 20s. That's why most of them want to delay their enlistment if possible. The Military Manpower Administration allows them to use a total of 730 extra days to delay their enlistment but that's not enough for them.

For that reason, k-pop agencies help them delay their enlistment legally. K-pop agencies make plans for idols' enlistment and they even have a department for it. And just like the other k-pop agencies, FNC Entertainment has made plans for Jung Yong Hwa's enlistment. Even if it may be called "tricks", Jung Yong Hwa has delayed his enlistment legally. He has done nothing illegal, and what's important is that he's never said he would not join the army. Furthermore, most of male k-pop idols delay their enlistment in the same way.

Of course, the prosecution will conduct intensive investigation into the case, and no one can predict the final result of the investigation. However, through Jung Yong Hwa's long piece of writing, I could feel his sincerity. No one who actually committed a crime goes into details like him. (even though there is the possibility that FNC lied to Jung Yong Hwa and even the idol star doesn't know what actually happened)

Anyway, I hope the talented young idol star, who will join the army soon, will get over difficulties and come back safely.


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