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The reason why Dispatch gets blamed for reporting about G-Dragon's enlistment


On February 6, Dispatch reported that BIGBANG's G-Dragon used some tricks to delay his enlistment. Here's a summary of the article.

G-Dragon entered Post Modern department of Kyunghee University in 2009. But he decided to drop out of the university because he knew he would not attend all the classes due to his busy schedule. After then, he entered Leisure and Sports department of Gukje Cyber University. Gukje Cyber University is a cyber university, and all the students can earn credits online. That's why G-Dragon, who is a very busy k-pop star decided to enter the university. He graduated from the university in 2013.

And after graduating from Gukje Cyber University, G-Dragon applied for Sejong University's master's program in Distribution Industry. In 2016, he completed the master's degree.

What Dispatch wanted to say was that G-Dragon applied for the master's program just because he wanted to delay his enlistment. (All young Korean men who don't go to graduate school have to join the army right after graduating from colleges) And Dispatch raised doubt about how G-Dragon completed the master's degree, stating the k-pop idol star who had majored in Leisure and Sports was easily allowed to complete the master's degree in Distribution Industry, which is irrelevant to Leisure and Sports.

That's not all. According to Dispatch, G-Dragon applied for the doctor's course in 2016 to delay his enlistment again. (All young Korean men who don't apply for doctor's courses should join the army right after completing their master's degrees)

Well, what do you think? Do you think GD really did something illegal to delay enlistment?

Males 18 years old or older are required to serve in the military in Korea. Famous idol stars are no exceptions. However, there are no idols who want to join the army in early age because they have their heyday when they're in their 20s. That's why most of them want to delay their enlistment if possible. The Military Manpower Administration allows them to use a total of 730 extra days to delay their enlistment but that's not enough for them. (GD has used 90 days)

For that reason, k-pop agencies help them delay their enlistment legally. K-pop agencies make plans for idols' enlistment and they even have a department for it. And just like the other k-pop agencies, YG Entertainment has made plans for GD's enlistment. Even if it may be called "tricks", GD has delayed his enlistment legally. He has done nothing illegal, and what's important is that he's never said he would not join the army. Furthermore, most of male k-pop idols delay their enlistment in the same way.

Then, why do you think Dispatch released such an article, trying to make people think of GD as an immoral person?

Do you remember Dispatch reported that GD and Lee Joo Yeon are lovers, presenting the photographic evidence to prove it in January 2017? At the time, both of them made no comment either way.

You know, Dispatch has reported paparazzi photos of lots of stars. When they dig up intimate lives of celebrities, they put a lot of effort into it. And they have much pride in what they do because no other Korean media outlets can do the same thing.

So, think about it. Dispatch put a lot of effort into digging up GD's private life and presented the photographic evidence to prove GD and Lee Joo Yeon's romantic relationship, but GD and YG just ignored it, commenting nothing about it. It made Dispatch angry, and it seems that Dispatch has tried to find out GD's fault to damage him. Dispatch must have expected public criticism toward GD before releasing its article about GD's enlistment.

However, contrary to Dispatch's expectation, people are blaming Dispatch, not GD. People know all the stories regarding Dispatch and GD, and they're now saying "Dispatch needs to get rid of their obsession over GD". The funny thing is that even Dispatch themselves stated "GD has done nothing illegal, but..." in their article. It is ridiculous, isn't it?

Anyway, not much time left for GD, and he will join the army soon. The king of k-pop, who has numerous hit songs, is preparing for his new beginning.


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