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[Interview] Krystal says her new album can be either f(x)'s album or her solo album

Q. You've successfully finished filming your new drama "Prison Playbook".
I'm very happy that I could meet so many good people through the drama. We had a great time together, and I'm still keeping in touch with them. And I think all the production crew of the drama are geniuses. They always studied a lot about how they should film the drama, and I'm very thankful for them.

Q. What was it like to play your character, Jiho?
Jiho was the most realistic character I've ever played. That's why I could be absorbed in the character. I could really understand her.

Q. You cut your hair in a bob-type style to play the character.
Yeah, it was my first time to cut your hair in a bob-type style. People say the new hairstyle becomes me, but it's really hard for me to manage the new hairstyle right. That's why I don't usually go out these days.

Q. What is the difference between singing and acting?
When I sing, I perform on the stage with people whom I've been practicing together with for more than 10 years. However, when I act, I have to do all the things alone. It makes me feel pressured, but I feel really happy when viewers say they sympathize with my character.

Q. Do you usually read all the comments on the Internet?
Not really. I don't often use Internet. About my drama, I usually talk with people around me.

Q. Many people still have a prejudice against idols who act.
I'm Krystal of f(x). I can't change the fact, and I don't want to change the fact. Instead, when I act, I try to do my best as an actress. I've never wanted to escape my image as an idol.

Q. So many fans have been waiting for f(x)'s new album for a long time.
For now, I'm doing my best as an actress because I love acting and I want to be a great actress. But possibilities are open. We've not been able to release our new album because there has been no great song since we released "4walls". If there is a great song, we will release our new album any time. It can be either f(x)'s album or my solo album.

Q. Fans call you "ice princess". What do you think of the nickname?
I'm an easy-going person, and at first I didn't even know people called me like that. Well, I don't hate the nickname, though. I don't feel bad about it. Instead, it's true there are some people who misunderstand me.

Q. You've been active as an idol since you were 16 years old. Are you satisfied with your life as an idol star?
It's true my life is different from ordinary people's, but I don't yearn for an ordinary life. Even with my busy schedule I find time to take a trip. And I think I should endure many difficulties because I myself gave up an ordinary life.

Q. You've become a popular star. Don't your friends envy you?
They don't envy me. They don't consider me as a special person. That's I like them. They even don't tell other people that they're friends of mine. Since I started making money in early age, I've spent much money for them. I've told them they should spend much money for me after they become successful later, and these days, they tell me they may have to buy a car for me, haha.

Q. What is your dream?
First, I want to take a trip. Second, I want to play an action heroine. I've watch movie "The Villainess", and I want to play a character that is similar to actress Kim Okbin's.


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