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iKON promises not to destroy BIGBANG's achievements

Q. Congratulations! You've topped various online music charts right after you comeback.
B.I: I'm so happy. I promised myself I wouldn't care about charts, and I didn't anticipate such a good result. I'm just thankful to our fans for their amazing support.
Bobby: I'm happy, of course. I think it's all the result of our efforts. However, we'll try not to become complacent. We'll try harder.
Yunhyeong: I feel very special because today is Chanwoo's birthday.
Chanwoo: Yeah, it certainly is a very special day for me.

Q. You title track "Love Scenario" is an emotional song just like your debut song "My Type".
Donghyuk: When we titled our new album "Return", we wanted to return to the moment when we were very familiar with our fans. And you know, it has been a long time since we released our previous album, and I think we've become more mature than before. We wanted to make more sincere music.

Q. Didn't you feel rushed during your long hiatus?
B.I: I was like a fisherman who's waiting for a big fish. And I really tried to concentrate on making music. Of course, I sometimes felt rushed, but Yang Hyun Suk gave me good advice.
Jinhwan: I wanted to release our new album as soon as possible because I felt extremely sorry for our fans who had to wait for us for a long time.

Q. What kind of advice did Yang Hyun Suk give you?
Donghyuk: He always gives detailed advice to each member, and he helps us develop.
Ju-ne: Until a year ago he was like a strict father. However, he became a warm person this year. He said he wanted to communicate with us, and he tries to become intimate with us.

Q. He promotes your new album very actively on his SNS these days.
B.I: I was really grateful when he said he would accept our fans' opinions.
Chanwoo: I thought he's a taciturn person, but it seems he's pretty young at heart.

Q. B.I, you took part in writing all the songs, as always.
B.I: Well, when I worked on our first album, I was very nervous because it was our debut album. But this time, I enjoyed all the things. I wrote the songs with an easy mind.

Q. It has been 4 years since you debuted.
B.I: When we just debuted, we were too young. We were full of young spirit, and we were very ambitious too. We were very strong and hard, but you know, hard things may break. Since it has been years since we debuted, we want to become more flexible.

Q. Is there anything you really want to do this year?
Ju-ne: Fan meeting and concert. It has been a long time since we held our concert in Korea. We want to communicate with our fans through a variety of events.

Q. BIGBANG members will join the army soon. Don't you feel pressured to replace them?
B.I: I don't feel pressured, but I feel a great deal of responsibility. We're trying harder than ever because we must not destroy what they've achieved. I know we can't be as good as them, but we'll try to be at least half as good as them.
Ju-ne: We don't feel pressured because Yang Hyun Suk doesn't put the pressure on us. Instead, it seems he tries to pay more attention to us.


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